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Percutaneous Embolization! A Less Invasive Varicocele Treatment

by Nate

Percutaneous Embolization!
A Less Invasive Varicocele Treatment

Hi Mark,

I have been dealing with low Testosterone symptoms for about 17 years.

I'm now 35, but the first visit to the Dr. was when I was 18.

I keep being told my T levels are normal. I have lost muscle and am unable to put it back on.

I have hips, my hair is thinning, my sex drive is low to non-existent, my erections are very weak and my sperm is yellow and clumpy.

I keep being told this is normal!

My Dr finally caved and gave me bio identical testosterone.

Within 12 hours my erection was rock hard, sex drive through the roof and my sperm was white and normal again.

This lasted for 2 weeks and now I am back to where I started from.

I also found out I have Varicocele in my left testicle. My Dr says it has nothing to do with my symptoms.

Ya right!!

Do you have any experience with men who have Varicocele?

I'm planning to get it removed but I don't have an appointment with a urologist until September.

What can I do in the mean time?

Percutaneous Embolization!
A Less Invasive Varicocele Treatment

Hi Nate,

I'm not sure how doctor man came to the conclusion that the Varicocele leading to your left testicle has had no impact on your testosterone levels.

Kind of leaves you scratching your head, doesn't it?

Blood supply has been severely restricted, and that's not a problem?

Well, it would be for me, and I'm sure it is for you as well.

You asked if I've had experience with men who've suffered with a Varicocele, and I can say yes to that question.

There are several regulars who frequent this website who've dealt with this situation.

And what have I learned from them?

That Varicocele surgery is outpatient, is fairly low risk, and should be done sooner than later just to play it safe.

Just make sure you find a doc who specializes in this type of surgery.

Or better yet...

Look into a procedure called percutaneous embolization, which is much less invasive...

Instead of cutting you open, they use a catheter to clear the occlusion.

This technique has low complication rates, very high success rates, and is less expensive than the standard Varicocele surgery.

If I were in your shoes, this is the procedure I'd opt for.

Once I'd made it through that hurdle, I'd go to work on both my testicles, to get them functioning at optimal efficiency.


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