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One Testicle Removed & Weak Erections

by Jay

One Testicle Removed & Weak Erections!

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for running this site for every one's enlightenment! It has very helpful information.

I'm sort of a unique case. I only have one Testicle.

The other one was removed when I was 15. As you can imagine this makes my concern about proper T levels more acute than those of most other men.

I am 24 now.

I'm not sure what's wrong. I've had my Testosterone levels tested three times over the last two years and they've all come back as 20, 20 and 22 nanomoles per litre (nmol/L) on a "normal" range of 8-30.

Despite this, I don't wake up with morning erections, have difficulty getting erections, and I don't feel drawn to visual stimuli like I was when I was a teenager.

Could my T levels be the culprit? Should a 24-year-old be higher?

I am interested in getting my T levels up, but I am sceptical about whether the great recommendations you offer on this site will work for me since, unlike most of the guys who apply them, I only have one testicle.

Best regards

One Testicle Removed & Weak Erections

Hi Jay,

Canada has a different measuring system than the US.

The conversion of Canadian nmol/L to the US nanograms per deciliter is roughly 29 to 1.

Doing the math, this puts your total testosterone level in US numbers at around 580.

580 isn't too bad, but it's not high enough for a 24 year old in my book.

On top of that, I have no clue what your free testosterone, aromatase, SHBG, or estrogen levels are.

All of these can have an impact on sex drive, response to sexual stimuli, and morning erections.

Here's the bottom line...

The fact that you have only one testicle really doesn't change much.

Sure, you need to take very good care of the one testicle you have,

But, aside from that, all the same rules apply.

You need to...

Keep body fat levels in check

Balance aromatase and SHBG levels

Switch to a testosterone boosting diet

Perform testosterone boosting exercise

Keep estrogen levels in the optimal range

One Testicle Removed & Weak Erections

And if all the above fails to bump your testosterone levels closer to 30 than 20?

Then it may be time to begin supplementing with Herbal Testosterone boosters.

Fortunately, you have an excellent base of testosterone to work with, and you're still young.

Follow the guidelines above, cycle the boosters if needed, and you'll be up in the optimal range in no time.

Good luck!

One Testicle Removed & Weak Erections
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