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Normal Testosterone Level!


Normal Testosterone Level!

"You keep referring to "you jack up your levels of "T" from 250 to 800.

That makes no sense to me, in that a male produces anywhere from 50 to 75mg of T a week, so whys your levels so high to begin with.

Please explain, because I have really enjoyed reading and using your material as a source of knowledge."



I took a big dose of Tongkat Ali
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If this message comes off a bit over the top, it's not you, it's me...

In answer to your question...

I'm talking nanograms, and you're talking milligrams

The reference range for total testosterone here in the US is 241-827 ng/dl.

ng/dl is an abbreviation for nanograms per decilitre.

Milligrams is a completely different measurement, so that's why the numbers don't jive.

Does that make sense to you?

While we're on the subject, let's talk about this 800 number for a moment.

Why do I keep harping on that figure?

Let me explain...

I strongly believe that most men will experience a dramatic increase in quality of life once they get up into that range.

At 800, you'll be productive, positive, energetic, motivated, muscular, lean, and horny!

All things that make you feel good as a man.

I read an article yesterday that quoted the following statistic.

Only 20% of all males under the age of 30 have Testosterone Levels below 350 ng/dl.

In essence, what the author was saying was, we really don't have a problem here.

My response? What a crock of B.S!!

What about the other 30% who's numbers come in below 500.

Trust me, at 500, you still ain't going to be feeling it.


What about us guys over the age of 30!

Don't we count!!

Low testosterone levels in this age group borders on epidemic.

I can guarantee you that the pharmaceutical companies are working in overtime the create more drugs, more patches, gels and creams to fix this group.

At a price of course!

Fall for it, and they'll clean out your wallet, and steal away your health before you know what hit you!


Don't let anyone tell you that a testosterone level below 500 is acceptable.

Don't let the drug pushers in the medical establishment turn you into a lifetime junkie either.

Do it natural, and do it right, or don't do it at all!

Normal Testosterone Level to
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