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How To Increase Testosterone!

How To Increase Testosterone!

When my testosterone levels took a nose dive, I used OTC Testosterone Boosters to get my levels back up.

I did other things as well, including estrogen reduction, diet and exercise changes, but supplements were the backbone of my recovery program.

Sadly, many men don't make these same decisions.

They opt for hormone therapy instead.

I think that's a big mistake!

Unless you're 70 plus, or suffering a medical condition that prevents you from manufacturing T on your own, testosterone therapy is a bad move.

Here's a good example!

A 22 year old kid emailed me 2 weeks ago.

He had recently gone to his doctor complaining of insomnia because he was having a tough time sleeping at night.

Instead of offering common sense advice like cut the caffeine, start dimming the lights by 9pm, get some vigorous exercise, etc, etc..guess what this doc did?

He gave him a drug of course, because that's what doctors do.

They don't heal they medicate!

How To Increase Testosterone!

Well, the drug came with side effects, as they all do, and one of them was a severe drop in energy and a complete loss of sex drive.

Yup, this drug was sucking the life right out of him. Not a good thing for a 22 year old.

At this point, if the doctor had half a brain, he would have pulled the kid off the drug, and moved on to plan B.

But noooo, that didn't happen!

After blood tests confirmed that his T levels were probably lower than his grandfathers, the doctor came up with another brilliant idea.

He put the kid on the Androderm Patch!

Yes, this genius had it all figured out.

Put this kid on a drug that kills his natural testosterone production, then artificially bring it back up with a product that was designed for 70 year olds.

Outstanding move doc!

I'm wondering if he even stopped for a moment to think about the consequences of this insane decision.

Did he expect this kid to stay on the testosterone patch for the rest of his natural life?

Did he even think for a moment about the side effects this therapy would cause, like..

Based on feedback from my site visitors, I know for a fact that younger guys suffer more, and get hit much harder by these side effects than older men do.

What was this doctor thinking?

How To Increase Testosterone!

So, this simple sleeping problem had been turned into a major, life changing event for this young guy.

When he emailed me, the side effects had kicked in hard, and he was digging around on the web for answers.

I decided to try and help him out.

Guess what I did?

Something the doctor clearly didn't do. I asked him a few simple questions!

Here's what I discovered!

Turns out the guy is a Red Bull fanatic. A 2 or 3 can a day user! Bull is loaded with caffeine!

Remember the insomnia problem that started all this!

Problem solved!

Maybe I should go out and get my medical license.

On second thought, I think not...

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