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Natural HGH Stimulant

Micro HGH Exercise Sessions


Natural HGH Stimulant! Micro HGH Exercise Sessions

I tested these Micro HGH Exercise Sessions on myself, and knew within a week I was onto something big.

Since that time I've unleashed it on 15 other men.

Those who have gotten back to me have reported virtually identical results. (you guys who haven't responded yet, I'm still waiting!)

Here are the instructions I sent out to all 15 men, modified slightly for more general consumption…

You may not be producing testosterone at optimal rates yet, but I'm certain you can get more growth hormone moving through your body now.

And growth hormone brings on many of the same benefits testosterone does, such as increased desire and motivation for sex, energy, mood elevation, etc…

I've absolutely perfected this in my life, and I'm going to share my plan with you now.

What we're going to do here, is create an HGH spurt in your system 5 days a week.

We accomplish this by reducing volume, and placing our entire focus on intensity and lactic acid burn.

We focus on lactic acid because this burn is what signals your body to release growth hormone into your system.

So three days a week, (not consecutive) I want you to perform an extremely brief sprint routine.


Choose from any of the following…

  • Jump Rope
  • Swim Sprints
  • Wind Sprints
  • Stair Climbing
  • Uphill Cycling
  • Quick Set Squats

These sprints can also be done on a treadmill or exercise bike using the appropriate settings.

Remember to focus on the burn during this routine, as much as possible.

Ideally, you want to shoot for 5 to 10 seconds, each sprint, of highly intense lactate burn.

Due the the more frequent training sessions, you're going to need to do fewer total sets.

I'd suggest starting with 3 or 4 sprints, and adjusting up or down depending on how you feel after the session.

The key is, you want to have plenty left for the routine that will follow the next day.

Natural HGH Stimulant
Micro HGH Exercise Sessions

Natural HGH Stimulant


The two sessions I want you to squeeze in between the sprints are going to be all upper body routines.

We do this because muscle glycogen is depleted only when that muscle is being used.

In other words, your back, chest and arms cannot release glycogen for use by the legs during your sprint routines.

These upper body sessions will deplete glycogen in areas that sprints cannot, and they will also give your lower body time to recover, allowing you to exercise for this growth hormone release 5 days every week.

My suggestion would be weighted dips, pull ups, or any other exercise that works the upper body hard, leading to that lactic acid burn.

As with the sprints, minimize sets so you have enough left for subsequent routines.

Natural HGH Stimulant
Micro HGH Exercise Sessions

Here's a very important point to remember once the hunger kicks in after these routines are complete…

Do not eat any carbs whatsoever for 2 hours, as any increase in insulin will completely shut down the growth hormone release we're looking for.


What I described above may sound like a lot, but these routines are extremely brief, and can literally be done in a matter of minutes..

Also, if you get this right, you'll become downright addicted to the exercise, because the hormonal boost makes you feel so good, physically and emotionally.

You'll also shed pounds and build muscle in double time following this system.

Make it a point to pay very close attention to your sex drive, mood, and overall energy levels directly after these routines AND the following morning as well.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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