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Melatonin, Sleep and Nocturnal HGH Production

by Steve

Melatonin, Sleep and Nocturnal HGH Production

Hi Mark,

I found your blog post about exercise, Testosterone and HGH very informative.

I intend to immediately adjust my exercise plan accordingly.


Have you written anything on sleep, and human growth hormone?

I'd be interested in reading your thoughts on this subject.

Thank you!

Melatonin, Sleep and Nocturnal HGH Production

Hello Steve,

Very good question!

A large chunk of the HGH you produce in any given 24 hour period is manufactured at night while you sleep.

Here's Mother Natures plan...

Once you fall into slow, deep, delta wave sleep, she opens up the growth hormone floodgates.

This gets the essential hormone working to repair all the cell and tissue damage done since your last trip down delta lane.

You may be asking yourself, why this happens during delta?


During this slow wave sleep, your body is completely immobilized, which allows the growth hormone to do it's work without interference.

Unfortunately, many men get in the way of this critical process.

Here's how...

Caffeine consumption late in the day.

Electro Encephalo Graph (EEG) readings done in sleep labs have proven that caffeine reduces or eliminates the deepest, Stage-4 delta sleep.

The very sleep needed for optimal HGH production.

If you must do caffeine, make it a point to cut yourself off by noon.

Light Interference

Melatonin is described by many as the sleep hormone.

When your levels of this critical hormone are dialed in, deep, restive sleep comes on easily.

Conversely, if you're melatonin deficient, you can bank on the fact that you're sleep deficient as well.

So how do you get your levels dialed in?


Go for darkness at night....and full spectrum light during the day.

You can accomplish number one by avoiding bright lights prior to bedtime, and killing your TV and computer screen in the early evening.

For entertainment prior to sleep, read under low light conditions, or socialize with your significant other by candle or firelight.

And when you do make it to bed, eliminate all light sources in your room, and sleep in total darkness.

To increase exposure to full spectrum light during the day, get out in the sun.

During winter months, replace incandescent lights with full spectrum bulbs which mimic the rays produced by the sun.

Temperature and Sleep

Sleep studies have proven that excessively cold or warm rooms will negatively impact sleep.

Anything below 60 degrees or in excess of 70, will disrupt your sleep patterns.

The ideal number seems to be somewhere around 65 degrees.

Melatonin, Sleep and Nocturnal HGH Production

Here are a few more tips for you...

Get to bed earlier!

Your biggest HGH release happens between midnight and 3 am.

Hit the sack early to ensure that you're in slow - delta wave sleep during these hours.

Go to sleep at the same time every night.

This will allow your body develop sleep rhythms and patterns, that come on consistently each night as you go to bed.

Cut off all fluids 90 minutes before sleep.

Nothing will interrupt sleep more than a late night trip to the bathroom.

You particularly want to avoid these trips during the critical 12 to 3am time period.

If you do have to get up, keep your eyes closed as much as possible, and don't turn on the light in the bathroom.

Eat a small amount of protein before bed.

This will increase the amount of L-tryptophan in your bloodstream, which acts as a precursor to melatonin and serotonin.


Take a high quality ZMA supplement just prior to bed.

ZMA will help you fall asleep sleep faster, and will ensure that much of that sleep is spent in slow wave, delta mode.

The exact sleep you need to maximize nocturnal HGH production.

Thanks for your question!

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