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Mono Eating, Food Palatability and Fat Loss!

by Eric Collins

Mono Eating, Food Palatability and Fat Loss!

Hey Mark,

Just going through and enjoying some more of your articles. I came across the one titled Extreme Weight Loss and I was wandering if you could...

1) Tell me how you make your Cultured, raw, sour milk,

2) Elaborate on what you mean by eating mono?

Because later you said you may not consume cultured milk but eat "grassfed beef, wild salmon, and free range chicken or pork, all consumed with fresh, pure spring water, and that's it.

At first I had the impression it was just the cultured milk until I read that part.

3) During the fasted walk section you said "Because fasted humans burn fat for fuel, almost EXCLUSIVELY, during low intensity exercise."

However in this article you advocate short anaerobic or strength training in a fasted state (granted for HGH purposes, not fat lost)

But I was wandering how one might juggle these two pieces of advice?

Mono Eating, Food Palatability and Fat Loss!

Hello Eric,

The cultured milk is easy to make.

Take two table spoons of yogurt, and place in a glass jar with about 32 ounces of (preferably raw) milk.

Place in your oven at the lowest setting (100 degrees max) and leave overnight.

By morning, you'll have a batch of cultured raw milk, ready to eat.

Regarding mono eating, the diet does not have to consist of cultured milk exclusively.

As mentioned in the article, I also eat mono style using grassfed beef, and other foods, but I only consume 1 of these foods during any given mono eating period.

For example, I may do cultured milk for a week, take some time off, and jump back in again with grassfed beef the next time around.

The key point to remember is, we're limiting food choices during these sessions and lowering food palatability.

This one two punch decreases hunger, reduces calorie intake, and may even lower set point.


I look at fasted walking as a lifestyle habit, that burns fat and makes me feel good.

The high intensity training is more about muscle and anabolic hormone regulation.

Incorporating both into your schedule is not difficult to do, and I think you'll find the two forms of exercise compliment each other perfectly.

Good luck!

Mono Eating Food Palatability
and Fat Loss to Low Testosterone-Home

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