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Middle Aged Spread! How To Lose Weight, Fast!

by Nate

Middle Aged Spread! How To Lose Weight, Fast!

Hi Mark,

I've just spent the last hour reading the questions and answers on your blog.

In the process, I've come to the conclusion that I have had low testosterone for the last several years.

It started for me when I noticed I could no longer see my penis below my protruding belly.

Very depressing!

This comes from a guy who has never had a weight problem in his entire life.

I guess you could call this the middle aged spread, but I'm still in my late 30's.

I'm sure it's a low T thing because I'm experiencing all the symptoms I saw listed in your other Q&A's.

Weight gain, depression, lack of zeal, and loss of interest in sex.

For a guy still in his 30's, who is probably 30 pounds overweight, how long do you think it would take for me to return to my previous self?

Mind you, I'm willing to do what it takes, but I would like to have an idea of what I'm up against before I get started.

Middle Aged Spread!
How To Lose Weight, Fast

Hello Nate,

It won't take long at all, assuming you're healthy, and willing to dive all in.

But I need to warn you...

This isn't a short term sprint, it's a marathon.

Marathon as in, you'll be following most of these protocols for life!

In other words, 40 hours a week in front of the TV won't be part of your new program.

Neither will a # 3 off the McDonalds menu, supersized fries and all.

You've got to change your lifestyle, and these changes need to be permanent, otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time.

I say this because you asked me how long all this will take.


When it comes to your hormonal health, there is no finish line!

This race continues until the day they put you inside a pine box and bury you 6 feet under.

Middle Aged Spread!
How To Lose Weight, Fast

I'm going to tell you something now that's going to surprise you...

Only about 30 percent of the men who try this system, stick it out for the long haul.

I get emails on an almost daily basis that go something like this...

I lost lots of weight in the beginning, and my sex drive was up, but I couldn't stop eating Twinkies at night.

Sorry my friend, but I can't relate!

When it comes down to Twinkies or my life, I'm going for my life every single time.

Here's the fascinating part about all this...

This stuff is not that hard to do!

Sure, you'll have to cut 90% of the junk out of your diet, but guess what?

You can still throw a rib eye on the barbecue, drink some red wine, and finish it all off with a chunk of dark chocolate.

In other words, you're not going to starve to death following this system.

You're simply going to replace the industrial carbs with real, whole foods.

Foods that shut the hunger signals off for 4 hours, minimum, after each and every meal.

And Exercise?

Yup, you're going to do it, to the grand total of about 60 minutes a week.

60 minutes of explosive, high intensity training, that's going to make you feel and look good...

Training that will get the hormonal fires started in your system once again.

All combined with a regular cycle of over the counter Testosterone Boosters.

Supplements, that if taken intelligently, and cycled properly, will send your testosterone levels straight into the zone.

Middle Aged Spread!
How To Lose Weight, Fast

At this point, the television will simply lose it's appeal to you.


Because now you've got a life to live, and the energy to go out and make it happen.

And Weight Loss?

The fat will melt off your frame, automatically, no counting calories, starvation, or will of iron required.

The hormonal shift away from feminine fat storage to masculine muscle will take care of that!

And with this physical transformation will come the sex drive that disappeared behind your protruding belly not so long ago.

That's what it takes, Nate!

You either dig in your heels now, and fight for your manhood with everything you've got,

Or, you give in...

Give in to doctor mans drugs, and a life of obesity, depression, fatigue, low sex drive and ultimately, premature death.

Do yourself a very big favor, and give it a full 90 days Nate!

Trust me, once you make it past those first 3 months, you'll never turn back.

Middle Aged Spread How To Lose Weight Fast
to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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Dec 29, 2010
Great Results
by: James

Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to make a big change in their life. It's true that it's hard to stick with at first but the results are more than worth it! I've really gotten my life back and can't even imagine going back to how my life used to be. Exercising regularly and eating better have become almost second nature . . .and I've definitely appreciated having my sex drive back! Worth it completely

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