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Male Gonads! Why Size DOES matter!

by John

Male Gonads! Why Size DOES matter!

Hi Mark,

Since you have your testosterone at the top levels now, can you tell us the size of your testicles currently?

If you remember, what was your testicle size after they shrunk when your T fell to the 200 level?


Male Gonads! Why Size DOES matter!

Hi John,

My testicles have no bearing on your situation. If you've ever been in a locker room full of men, you know exactly why.

Men's packages comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, depending on race, genetics, and certain lifestyle factors.

In reality, the only testicles you need to be concerned about are your very own.

Baseline for you should be sometime in your early 20's, when your hormones, your sex drive, and your testis were all operating at peak efficiency.

Those days when you were so sexually charged that girls, sex, and your penis took up most of your mind space.

Days when you could have an orgasm, roll over 3 minutes later and do it one more time. That's when you really had it going on!

But I have to warn you...

The honest truth is, you'll never get all of that mojo back after you pass 35 or so,


You can get close!

Close enough where sex and women are still are a very high priority in your world. Where energy, motivation and zest for life still show up every day of the week.

But, it won't come easy...

You have to work to maintain your stuff once you exit your 20's, otherwise you will lose it all. And once you lose, one of two things will happen.

You'll either give in entirely and slowly fade into oblivion,


You'll hand the reigns over to medical man, who will drug your body and soul into submission.

Male Gonads! Why Size DOES matter!

If your testicles have atrophied, you already know it for a fact.


Because that atrophy comes along with all kinds of other nasty stuff that's entirely impossible to ignore.

Stuff like low sex drive, loss of muscle mass, weak erections, feminine weight distribution, depression, lethargy, and lack of interest in life.

In essence, all the good things you had at 20 are no longer with you.

But you can get it all back...

To do so, simply bring your body back into balance.

Get your estrogen levels down where they belong, and your testosterone levels back up.

Maintain optimal levels of muscle mass, and work hard to keep body fat levels in check.

To put icing on this cake, practice edging several times a week and you'll shift your testicles into maximum overdrive.

Do all of this and you'll never have to worry about the size of your boys again.

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