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Chemicals and male estrogen

by Chuck

I work in factory that manufactures custom car accessories. On a daily basis I'm sure that I'm exposed to at least a dozen or more harsh chemicals. I'm not exaggerating when I say you can smell them from the parking lot as you approach the building.

This may be a coincidence, because I started this job in my late 30's, but since I started working there, I've put on almost 30 pounds, developed gyno, and now have serious problems with erectile dysfunction. After reading the male estrogen information, I'm convinced that my estrogen levels are way out of control.

Is it possible for me to reverse this situation while still working in the factory? I would guess not. Either way, I'm going work on reducing my estrogen, and at least minimize the damage these chemicals are causing.

I also think it may be time to begin looking for another job.


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Male Estrogen & Lipitor

by Warren

Hello Mark,

I've been taking Lipitor to lower my cholesterol, and have noticed that I'm beginning to put on weight around my mid section ever since I started to use the medication.

I'm also having trouble with ED and lack of energy. I'm not sure if it's the lipitor, estrogen or both, but I have to say, you have opened my eyes to a few things and I'm going to start making some changes ASAP.


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Male Estrogen

by Jerome

OK, now I get it.

I used to be an easy gainer. I could pick up my weights a couple of times a week and build muscle in a flash. Not any more. I haven't lifted much for about 5 years, but got fed up with my bod, and started pumping iron again. I have been hitting it hard for almost 6 weeks, and haven't gained squat.

Now I know the problem, too much estrogen!


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