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Maca, Sex Drive, Hair loss, & Prostate Cancer!

by Jamie

Maca, Sex Drive, Hair loss, & Prostate Cancer!

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info a while back.

I was interested to also read your comments regarding the use of Maca Root.

I am trying it at the moment and tend to agree that it would be common to build a tolerance to it over time.

You mentioned that no one really knows why it increases sex drive.

As you are probably aware, Maca is known to block or reduce the effects of estrogen, noticeably the bad estrogen's that build up in the body through a multitude of sources.

Maca has a naturally occurring substance in it called DIM - found in all cruciferous veggies.

It's this substance in Maca that can block or balance out the ration of good to bad estrogen, allowing Testosterone, to dominate again.

This is why I think it gives a lot of people more energy and helps increase drive.

The relationship between Testosterone, DHT and Estrogen is also crucial in tackling prostate issues and hair loss.

It has been said for a long time that it is an overload of DHT in the prostate and hair follicles that causes these problems .

It is now proposed that it is not and never has been high T levels that promote the higher levels of DHT; in actual fact its the estrogen overload and low T or progesterone levels.

In this environment, DHT dominates, but it is the bad estrogen that is the catalyst, not too much testosterone.

Younger men with naturally higher T levels and a better estrogen profile don't lose their hair or die from prostate cancer for the most part.

Just my two cents worth based on a lot of reading, mostly to do with hair loss.

I'm now working hard to balance my hormone profile based on some of your tips for supplements and blocking bad estrogens.

Maca, Sex Drive, Hair loss, & Prostate Cancer

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the reminder that my Maca page needs some serious updating...

The DIM thing has been pointed out to me several times, but I'm still convinced there's something else going on with this supplement.

Here's why...

I take DIM several times a week, especially right before I jump on the freeway.

It mitigates the damage brought on by exhaust fumes, smog, and diesel by products that all drivers inhale while motoring around on the freeways.

If you ever hit the road feeling great, but then feel edgy, irritated, or spaced out after a long drive, chances are good you've reacted to Environmental Pollutants.

DIM helps to keep this process in check.

Maca, Sex Drive, Hair loss, & Prostate Cancer

On days that I take the DIM by itself, the estrogenic compounds are taken care of, but I don't get a big hit in the libido department..

On the other hand...

When I take maca by itself, after at least a 7 day gap, the sex drive comes on in spades.

This tells me something more than DIM is at work here.

Finally, you said...

Younger men with naturally higher T levels and a better estrogen profile don't lose their hair or die from prostate cancer for the most part.

I couldn't agree more!

This goes smack in the face against conventional wisdom, where testosterone is looked at as the culprit.


As I said on my prostate page, if testosterone alone were to blame, men in their 20's would be dropping dead all around us.

Old men develop prostate cancer, and old men typically have low testosterone, elevated estrogen, and low blood levels of vitamin D.

Food for thought for any guy about to undergo chemical castration after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Thanks for your excellent feedback!

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Maca, Sex Drive, Hair Loss, & Prostate Cancer
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High Estrogen in Men
by: Duke67

I have read that testosterone is a precursor to DHT which is actually a good thing. I have also read that DHT blocks estrogen and can help with prostate enlargement. Maca may boost DHT and block estrogen to increase sex drive, similar to what creatine does.

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