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Libido and Testosterone Levels!

I have had my testosterone checked and it was on the lower end and I am going to start taking Testosterone Supplements to boost levels.

The thing I find rather strange though is I am already extremely horny and have had a high libido for many years.

I know testosterone has a direct effect on libido, so how is it possible to be like this with testosterone on the lower end of normal?

I spoke to a doctor about low T and he said well you already have a high libido, and didn't feel I needed to do anything.

Also, I only have 3 supplements so far. Calcium/Mag that also gives 30mg of Zinc,

Stinging Nettle, and Maca Root from Now Foods.

If you don't have seven different supplements, how should someone go about starting a rotation?

Do you still only take one supplement a week, and the rest are just empty days for the time being?

I am not sure if Stinging Nettle and Maca even need to be rotated.

Maca is said to be used as a food for general nutrition so I don't know what to do with the Maca.

Thank you.

Libido and Testosterone Levels!


Testosterone levels fluctuate from week to week, day to day, hour to hour.

I'd venture to guess that you were just having a low testosterone moment when your blood was drawn at the doctors office.

If your libido, mood, energy levels, and muscle mass are all up, that's a pretty clear sign all is working well
in the T department.


Small things can set you back temporarily.

Such as...

Exposure to diesel fumes, car exhaust, perfumes, paint, household cleaners and other chemicals.

Excess alcohol consumption...

Drink too much, and your testosterone levels are very likely to tank.

Red wine hits you a lot harder than most other drinks.

Poor sleep habits...

Too much sleep, or not enough can have a negative impact on your male hormone levels.

The sweet spot for most men lies somewhere between 7 1/2 and 8 hours.

Regarding your supplements...

The calcium, magnesium, and zinc combo does not need to be cycled.

This formula is called ZMA, and you can take it every night to enhance sleep, and boost nocturnal growth hormone production.

Maca definitely does needs to be cycled.

I've never been able to get more than a day of juice out of this supplement.

If I take it two days in a row, I feel absolutely nothing by day 2.

Use it for one day, then take a week off, otherwise it will completely stop working.

Nettle is an estrogen balancing supplement.

I typically cycle it with chrysin and DIM.

Cycling estrogen blockers is not as critical as it is with testosterone boosters.


If after more exploration, you discover that you truly do have low T levels, you need to expand your stock of supplements.

This stuff is not that expensive, especially when compared to the alternatives...

Follow the link below for my recommendations.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

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