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Is low T level really low?

T Levels Went Down on Testosterone Replacement Therapy!


Here is my situation and I hope to find valuable advice on how to handle it.

I'm 36, about 2 month ago I started to notice clear symptoms of decreased testosterone, no sex drive, no erections, depression, inability to concentrate etc.

I waited for about 2-3 weeks thinking it might be just a temporary thing since I decided to completely eliminate alcohol from my daily life.

I was not an alcoholic but one day I realized that I've been having very active social life that included frequent consumption of alcohol.

After 3 weeks waiting I went to see my doctor who checked my T level, which came back at 228. One thing I want to point out. At that level, I couldn't function at all, like I said, no sex drive at all, horrible headaches, blurry vision.

The doctor quickly put me on the 5mg testosterone patch for a month.

I was very reluctant to use them but I figured I'd use them for a month to see if they will help me to deal with the stress caused by this news.

It took about 3 days before I really could tell that the patches help me a lot, I felt so much better, I hadn't felt so good in years.

After 10 days I stopped using patches just to see if maybe I no longer need them but after 12 hours or so, I would start experiencing low T symptoms again.

I tried again after 20 days and the same thing happened. I only had 30 day supply of patches and went to see the doctor 2 days after the patches ran out.

First of all I felt fine for those 2 days without the patches and I'm on my 3rd day today without one -still feeling good.

Here is where my problem is.

The doctor's office called today and told me that the doctor wants me to increase the dosage of Testosterone Replacement Therapy to 7.5 mg and my T level test came back at 187.

How can it be?

I'm totally confused and certainly not looking to continue the TRT program. I felt extremely bad when I was at 228 and now I'm at 187 and I feel good. I'm still waiting for the doctor to call me back and explain this to me.

Also, does anybody know how can I find out exactly what the reason is for my low T?

I understand that there are many different reasons that could cause it, but how can I be sure which one exactly?

My doctor was pretty quick to tell me that it is simply premature aging and my testis stoped producing T.

Thanks to all who responds.

T Levels Went Down on Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

Hello Anonymous,

Sure, premature aging at the ripe old age of 38!

Your testicles are dead my young patient, wear this testosterone patch for the rest of your natural life, and all your problems will be solved!

Jump forward 30 days...

Remember that patch we gave you just a little while ago?

Well, it didn't quite work out like it was supposed to. As a matter of fact, your testosterone levels actually went down.

But I have a great idea...We'll up the dose, and give you the 7.5 mg patch!

This one should definitely do the trick!

Looking forward again...

Hello doctor, I've been on the patch a few months, and I've noticed something.

My testicles have shrunk down to the size of a couple of raisins.

Is this normal?

OH, this is a very common occurrence, and we have the drug on hand to treat this situation.

It's called HCG, and I want you to take it for the rest of your natural life.

Fast forward another 90 days...

Hello doc, I've developed a few more problems...

I'm growing little man-boobs, have become extremely moody and emotional, and I'm having problems with my prostate.

Is this normal?

Of course it is...your body is simply converting all your testosterone into estrogen, but I have a solution for this problem.

The drug is called Arimidex, and I want you to take it for the rest of your natural life.

Fast forward one last time...

Hello young patient.

We just got your latest blood work back, and your total testosterone level has dropped back down below 300 again.

But this isn't a problem at all.

Come into my office and I'll write you a script for the 15 mg transdermal scrotal patch.

This will send your testosterone levels up into the stratosphere.

Of course, well have to increase the dosages of your other medications, and monitor you closely for
liver toxicity, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

And so it goes... on and on and on.

T Levels Went Down on Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

I'm not sure why you temporarily felt good at the lower range, but I can tell you that the buzz won't last.

I can't override the recommendations of your doctor, but I will tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes.

Instead of opting for testosterone replacement therapy, I'd reject it.

Then I'd go to work to bring my testicles back to life, producing testosterone as they were designed to do.

As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I did when I was in your shoes.

Here's how...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters

Exercise to Boost Testosterone

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Control Male Estrogen Levels

T Levels Went Down on Testosterone Replacement
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