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I'm Injecting Testosterone & My Testicles Have Shrunk!

by Rob

I'm Injecting Testosterone & My Testicles Have Shrunk!


I have been looking for info on this for a while now.

My Doctor seems to avoid the subject or just gives me very little to go on whenever I ask her.

For six years I have been on testosterone Injections, and in the last year and a half my Testicles have shrunk by half.

They used to be fairly large and hung low, but now the sack hangs low and the balls are small and only hang half way down and it looks bad.

I'm 47 years old and I don't produce much testosterone of my own.

Is there any help?


I'm Injecting Testosterone & My Testicles Have Shrunk!

Hi Rob,

You doctor avoids the subject because writing hormone prescriptions is easy.

Getting to the root of a problem and fixing it isn't.

The fact that she's sacrificing your testicles doesn't concern her too much, as long as the numbers on the lab report are heading in the right direction.

That being said, push the atrophy issue hard enough, and I'm sure she'll come to the rescue once again.

This time she'll most likely write out a script for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG.

HCG will bring your testicles back up to speed again, but...

It will also deliver many of the same side effects that Testosterone Replacement will, including out of control estrogen levels.

Of course, there's a solution to this problem as well, and it goes by the name of Arimidex.

Arimidex acts as an aromatase inhibitor, which slows the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in your system.

Problem is, this drug comes along with side effects too, including hair loss, mood disorders, headaches, bone pain, and low sex drive.

Yup, you heard me right, low sex drive, the very condition we're attempting to treat here may come screaming back again.

This happens because estrogen is a critical component in the hormonal mix needed to bring on strong libido and sex drive.

If Arimidex sends levels too low, the sex drive goes out the window.

Then what?

More HCG, less Armidex, more testosterone, or a combination of all the above?

Sounds confusing, doesn't it?

Well, I hear from men all over the country who are on the above combination, and it is confusing.

As a matter of fact most men who've fallen into this pit, are more moody, more hormonally whacked than just about any post menopausal woman out there.

I'm Injecting Testosterone & My Testicles Have Shrunk!

I can't give out medical advice, because I'm not a doctor, but I can tell you what I'd do if I were in your shoes.


I'd work with my doctor to get off the juice.

Then I'd take steps to bring my testicles back to life, so they'd begin producing testosterone once again, just as they were designed to do.

Here's how...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters

Wear a Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Practice Orgasm without Ejaculation

Build Muscle-Burn Body Fat

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

I'm Injecting Testosterone & My Testicles Have Shrunk
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Feb 25, 2012
How to win?
by: Anonymous

Start shopping at your certified organic farmers market, Sprouts. Henry's, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc. More and more people are.

Produce at these places cost the same or less because it's grown local and not kept in cold storage for 6 weeks. Always think in terms of 'farm to table'.

You will pay more for meats, but with good reason.
I have completely revamped the way I do food. The big food and pharmaceutical industrial complexes are profiteering at our expenses. I'm tired of seeing countless people get sick and suffer.

Blessings to all.

Jan 23, 2011
careful w/testosterone...
by: Anonymous

Testosterone is a "steroid"...category three I believe; which makes it a controlled substance/medication...

I have discovered absolutely "mind blowing" information...that is NOT told to patients. For instancea: When I started "T" replacement therapy my "T" level was below....below 25!
Started with 1 cc every other week. It was subsequently increased, and then decreased; etc, etc. My "T" levels fluctuated greatly; which, according to what I was told was normal?

My diagnosis was "hypogonadism"...with no mention of gynecomastia; although seeing the same Dr. years earlier was noted on the "chart sheet"?

Within 2 years I have had all sorts of anti-biotics because of infection/"oozing"...from the breast. My breasts were growing. I really only noticed it when in the shower and soaping up. What the "hell"? are these two mounds?

Don't worry seemed to be the "catch-all" response. Well....back at the surgeon again...and...back having my third mamogram and ultrasound within a year. Everything was found to be fine? Although; you have "female" breasts! Yup...and they were really starting to take off "since" I "stopped" the testosterone replacement. And; in my horror, when I realized it...I re-started the "T". Whoops.... at the time I was up to a 38B. Now I was at 40B, and that is uncomfortable, and on the last hooks.

Aug 27, 2010
Low testostrone
by: Rob

Hi, its me again, thanks for the info. I had a feeling my Dr. was not telling me every thing. There is one more thing that i want to throw out there. Six years ago when i first started the injections with a diferent Dr. He told me that this was a big problem now. Men as young as their late teens have started this problem. So a study had been started to find the cause. I asked my present Dr.If she knew about this and she did but said the public will probably never see it because it would cripple the food industry especialy the meat, dairy and eeg with the hormones they are given to grow them fast to get them to the stores fast. And then our produce has the pesticides on and in it. How do we win?

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