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How to Slash Estrogen & Enhance Bioavailable Free Testosterone Levels!

by Ad's

How to Slash Estrogen & Enhance Bioavailable Free Testosterone Levels!

Hi Mark,

I wrote to you a few weeks back and have some further questions about lowering Estrogen.

If you remember I couldn't "get it up" and since following your advice all systems are 110% full steam ahead and my Erections have come back!

I feel energized and upbeat every day.

I seem to get a massive hormonal hit when I combine estrogen inhibitors like Chrysin and DIM and anything that frees my testosterone like Avena Sativa and Nettle Root Extract.

I would love to hear your views on the following Estrogen blockers I found after doing some research on the internet

1. Propolis

2. Quercetin

3. Apigenine

4. Naringenin

Also are there any other products that "free" testosterone so I can rotate them with Avena Sativa and Nettle Root?

Thanks again for your site, time and expertise

How to Slash Estrogen & Enhance Bioavailable Free Testosterone Levels

Hello Ad's

I haven't tested Apigenine or Naringenin, but I do use Quercetin and Propolis on occasion.

Both seem to do a good job of shutting down estrogenic activity, so feel free to add them to your arsenal if you'd like.

Since my body fat levels are low, and I also go to great lenghts to avoid chemical exposure, I'm no longer the best test subject for these anti-estrogen supplements.

If you decide to try Apigenine or Naringenin yourself, let me know how it goes so I can pass the information on to my readers.

I've found that the best way to test these supplements is to monitor late night urine flow, as excess estrogen inflames the prostate, leading to urination difficulties.

When this problem pops up on occasion, I take Nettle Root, and can usually notice a big difference in my urination session that night.

Regarding free testosterone...

As you mentioned, Avena Sativa and Nettle Root can both be used to boost free T levels.

You could also add Muira Puama into your rotation, as this herb acts on free testosterone as well.

The American Journal of Natural Medicine published a study in 1994 where Muira Puama was given to 262 men suffering from low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

After the trial, 62% of subjects with low libido rated the treatment as having a positive effect, while 52% of patients with ED rated the treatment as beneficial.

Muira Puama reduces the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen, which leads to increased Free Testosterone levels in the blood.

Finally, make it a point to do the following...

Avoid excess alcohol consumption, limit use of OTC drugs and medications, control stress, and keep body fat levels as low as possible.

The low body fat is especially important, as excess weight causes sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels to rise in the blood.

And SHBG is the substance that binds up your testosterone, making it unavailable for use by the body.

Hope that helps!

Keep plugging away Ad's...you're in a nice groove right now, and things will only get better as the days tick by.

How to Slash Estrogen & Enhance Bioavailable
Free Testosterone Levels to Low T-Home

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Elligic Acid
by: Anonymous

I've read that elligic acid, found in nuts, berries and pomegranate and peaches, also acts as an anti-aromatase. Maybe the pill form could be rotated too.

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