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How To Recover After Testosterone Replacement Thearpy

by Ray Gonzalez
(Keller Texas)

How To Recover After Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hi Mark,

I recently stopped Testosterone Replacement Therapy, after injecting 135 milligrams every 10 days (under physician care) for approximately 90 days.

I experienced all the ups and downs described on your website.

Felt great the first 5 days then downhill after that. I then decided to try the all natural approach.

I purchased all 7 of the testosterone boosting supplements, and have cycled them for the last week and a half. I do not expect the same effects as the TRT, but my question is, can I expect the same libido boosting affects I had with the TRT?

I woke up every morning with a rock hard erection and my libido was through the roof while on TRT. I still wake up with an erection, but it's not as rock solid with the supplements.

How long would you say it will take to have my T-Levels at an acceptable range?

How To Recover After Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hi Ray,

It's going to be a bit more difficult for you in the beginning stages, because of your 3 month Testosterone Replacement experiment.

In essence you're going to have to re-train your testicles to start manufacturing the testosterone you were getting out of the needle. This is going to take a little time.

That being said, the fact that you are still waking up with morning wood is a very good sign. This tells me your body hasn't given up the ghost entirely...that's it's still fighting to keep your reproductive system alive.

I can't tell you exactly how long all of this will take, but I can say, weekly or even daily improvement is entirely within your reach.

Especially if you do more than just cycle the Herbal Testosterone supplements.

Here's what I would suggest you do you as you move forward...

Wear a Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Practice Ejaculation Control Techniques

Nurture the Leydig Cells in Your Testicles

Incorporate Hormone Boosting Exercises into Your Routine

Good luck!

How To Recover After Testosterone
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