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How to Maintain the Hormones Levels of a 20 Year Old

by Chris

How to Maintain the Hormones Levels of a 20 Year Old

Hi Mark;

Thanks for keeping up this site.

I just ordered my herbal supplements and completed my first week.

I bought the 7 Testosterone Boosters and have followed the cycling program you have recommended.

I labeled the caps of each of the supplements with the day of the week that I need to consume a tablet.

After taking about three of the supplements I noticed that my testicles hung lower and they felt heavier.

They feel kinda like when I used to get the "blue balls" effect when I was a young man. Is this normal?

I also would like to increase my ejaculations.

Have you used Schizandra? Did it work?

Thanks Mark

How to Maintain the Hormones Levels of a 20 Year Old

Hi Chris,

Yes, the "Blue Balls" effect is a very normal POSITIVE side effect of using the 7 supplements.

Remember, the goal here is to remain in a slightly sexed up state at all times, and the heavier feeling testicles is a sign that you've arrived at this destination.

Try this…

Think about the way your brain and body operated at 20 years of age, and shoot for that goal at all times.

And why 20, you ask?

Because at 20, you were at your absolute prime, hormonally!

Muscle was accumulated easily, your drive to achieve was relentless, your energy was boundless...

And sexual function?

Let's just say that sex drive, hard wood, sperm production and a set of High Functioning Testicles we're a given.

My goal when creating this site was to make these things available to EVERY man.

To allow men of all ages to avoid the muscle wasting, the limp erections, the brain drain, the….

"I'm ready to pack it up, and spend all my free time on my backside, because nothing in the world motivates or interests me anymore."

Compare that to our 20 year old, who is thinking, living and dreaming BIG then you tell me which sounds better?

How to Maintain the Hormones Levels of a 20 Year Old

You're displaying some very common behavior here, Chris.

You've been juiced up by the hormones and you want some more!

And I don't blame you one bit, as a matter of fact, I say go for as much of the juice as you can get.

So what do you need to do to make that happen?

Continue Cycling Those Supplements

Develop the Ejaculation Control Habit

Trust me, follow these two protocols, and you're going to have all the ejaculation volume you can handle.

Unless…you've got a weight problem, and the corresponding estrogen that ALWAYS comes along with that weight.

If so, here's your next big move…

Build Muscle Burn Fat

Good luck!

How to Maintain the Hormones Levels
of a 20 Year Old to Low T-Home

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