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How To Maintain High Testosterone Levels!

by Devon

How To Maintain High Testosterone Levels!

Dear Mark, great website!

I have some questions about your plan.

1) If I cycle 5 Testosterone Boosters, how long will it take before I see results, and how long will I need to take them?

2) When I achieve results, if I stop the supplements, will testosterone levels will drop?

3) What do you do to maintain high T levels?

How To Maintain High Testosterone Levels!

Hello Devon,

How do I maintain my high testosterone levels?

I do all the things discussed on my site...

-I exercise to keep Body Fat Levels Down and muscle mass up.

-I get out in the sun in order to maximize vitamin D production.

-I eat real food and avoid processed junk, which promotes optimal hormone function.

-I avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals, and work hard to keep male estrogen levels in check.

-I control when and how often I ejaculate in order to maximize testicle function, and to enhance sex drive, motivation, and creativity.

I avoid the doctor and his prescription medications like the plague!

-I work hard and I play hard, and as a result, I sleep like a baby every single night, which maximizes my human growth hormone production.

-I don't drink alcohol like a fish, spend my life in front of the TV, or waste time obsessing over Internet pornography.

-I DO have goals, dreams and passions in life that get me out of bed, bright and early every morning, ready to take on the world.

Do I have off days occasionally?


And when I do, help is about 5 easy steps away, from my desk to the supplements sitting in my medicine cabinet.

How To Maintain High Testosterone Levels!

You asked if testosterone levels will drop when you go off the herbal testosterone boosters.

My answer?

Not if you play the game my way!

Live your life exactly as described above, and I guarantee you, you'll never have a testosterone deficiency problem again.

You'll have a testosterone excess problem!

And when you do have that occasional off day...

Help will be just a few steps away!

How To Maintain High Testosterone Levels
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Bloody Genius
by: Thomas Ireland

Mark is the Guru when it comes to all things concerning Testosterone.

He has mapped everything out for us and when I have a query he e-mails me back. Much of this information is priceless and you would do well to hang on to his every word.

I love seeing an e-mail from him it always comes with these pearls of wisdom not gleaned from a classrom but from the school of hard knocks, he's been to hell and back and shares his experience in an honest and fascinating manner.

He talks about the things us guy's would never speak about. I have been on this site since I travelled to Cyprus in April my testosterone level was at the low end of normal but I knew that something wasn't right. (By the way my Doctor was shocked when I asked him for a T test and asked was I on steriods).

Since I started with Mark I have cycled supplements along with Pcynogenol and the effects are amazing in the toy shop guys.

Pity theres no awards to be given out for this type of information / guidance as Mark would get my vote every time.

I hope I haven't embarrassed you Mark.

But thanks again for this wonderful site.

Mark is a genious
by: will

I find anything having to do with changing the male sexual response FASCINATING. We all know what it feels like to be turned on and certainly what it feels like to orgasm! So for Mark to have mapped out a plan to keep these feelings optimal as we age is amazing! From the Blakoe ring, to the obscure sounding Mucuna(makes my balls feel huge!)he really has researched it all. I can testify to all he speaks of on his website! Amazing!

Feeling More Testosterone
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your great tips on this site. You've done well! I have tried Passion Rx for the last month or so with Chrysin on days that I don't take Passion RX, and It feel so much better.

I also maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Since last 3 month's testosterone levels were 350 (felt like crap), I have to check those levels again at the end of the month to see how they've improved.

Thank you again for your advise and for having this great site!

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