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How to Lose Stomach Fat!

Natural Fat Loss Without Starvation!

How to Lose Stomach Fat

How to Lose Stomach Fat!
Natural Fat Loss Without Starvation

Want to hear something very interesting?

Your stomach fat may have very little to do with diet and exercise, and everything to do with your hormone profile.

This is especially true if you're only 10 to 15 pounds overweight, and carrying most of your fat around your mid section.

Let me explain...

The hormone, cortisol, is released by your adrenal gland when your body or mind are under stress.

For example...

When you're running late, and driving through heavy traffic, you can bank on the fact that cortisol levels are high.

Sleep deprived, grumpy, and tired?

Then get ready, because the cortisol is coming.

Boss riding you at work, wife nagging you at home?

More cortisol!

Now here's the interesting part...

Chronically elevated cortisol can lead to consistent and chronic fat accumulation around your mid section.

Here's how...

When your body is under stress, it releases another hormone in addition to cortisol, called adrenaline!

how to lose stomach fat

And adrenaline sends the signal to your body, to release fatty acids for use as energy, to escape the charging beast, the falling tree, or the raging warrior.

Of course, modern man rarely has to deal with these types of stress, but that doesn't matter, because stress is stress, no matter where it comes from.

Now here's the kicker...

Your stomach fat has 3 to 4 times more cortisol receptors than other fat stores found inside your body.

And one of cortisol's main functions is to recycle fatty acids in the blood stream and place them back into storage..

And this re-storage typically takes place around your stomach area, where cortisol receptors are highest.

So, if you're in a chronically stressed state, this interaction between adrenaline and cortisol will make it almost impossible to lose those last few pounds of fat around your waist.

Especially, when you consider this fact...

As cortisol levels climb in the body, testosterone levels automatically plummet.

And a man with low testosterone will quickly lose much of his fat burning muscle mass.

And this lost muscle will rapidly get replaced with even more fat, much of it landing right there around the mid section.

How to Lose Stomach Fat!

So what's the solution?

Priority number one should be to bring testosterone levels back up into the optimal range.


Go to work to get your stress and your cortisol levels under control.

Here's how...

  • Get 7 to 8 hours of high quality, deep sleep every single night.
  • When driving anywhere, always leave early so you can relax and take your time.
  • Limit refined carbohydrates to prevent insulin, and blood sugar spikes in the body.
  • Exercise out in the sun, to increase production of the relaxation hormones, serotonin and dopamine.
  • Limit caffeine, as over consumption of this stimulant can cause cortisol levels to climb.
  • Take time every day to relax, meditate, and wind down, as studies have show that regular relaxation can dramatically reduce cortisol levels in the body.


If you have chronic and persistent stress in your personal or professional life, do whatever it takes to eliminate that stress from your life.

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