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How I Got Off Lipitor Lost 30 Pounds & Got My Male Hormones Back

by Denny

How I Got Off Lipitor Lost 30 Pounds & Got My Male Hormones Back

Hi Mark,

I have finally (after a year) hit the holy grail.

I'm off all meds, lost 30+ lbs with a Paleo like diet and the The 7 Minute Workout (level 2).

My wife says I look great, as do my friends. It seems my issue, even after losing the gut and excess pounds was still estrogen.

The last two weeks have been great hormonally. I even have the hormonal smell that you talk about.

My guess is I have been swimming in estrogen most of my adult life even though I wasn't ever really excessively overweight! My heaviest was 215, at 6'.

I'm now 185, with good muscle tone.

With that, do you recommend any daily supplements? Multivitamins? Fish oil? Resveratrol? Pycnogenol? etc.

Again, thanks for getting me started!

All the Best,

How I Got Off Lipitor Lost 30 Pounds & Got My Male Hormones Back!

Hi Denny,

You reached the pinnacle because you took a long term view of the situation.

In other words…

You didn't go in with the unrealistic expectation that you'd pop a few T-Boosters…

Then wake up the next morning testing out at 800.

I commend you for that because many men make this mistake.

They want the juice, but they don't want to do the other things you gotta do to get it.

So for them, failure is guaranteed.


Losing the meds and 30 excess pounds is a HUGE accomplishment.

And I promise you...

Stay the course and life for you is going to be very sweet indeed.

While your peers suffer through obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

You'll breeze through the years and decades with supreme

And you'll be accompanied on this journey with your sex drive

And your masculinity intact.

A gift most men lose as they pass through the 4th and 5th decades of life.

And those additional supplements you asked me about?

The one I'd recommend most is good old fashioned vitamin D.
Provided free of charge by the sun.

Your multi can come wrapped up in several high quality egg yolks.

Each loaded down with all the fat soluble vitamins including, A, D, E, and K.

And if cold water fish isn't your thing…

Take a few doses of fish oil a week to keep your omega's balanced.

Aside from that...

Just keep doing what you're doing. Because it's working :)

Congratulations on all your success.

If I recall…

You had been using Lipitor for more than 20 years when all this started.

Nice work. You're an inspiration to all of us.

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