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How Do I Take Testosterone Boosters?

by Marko

How Do I Take Testosterone Boosters?

Hi Mark,

Thanks again for the information.

As I mentioned last time, I have a very low Testosterone level of 253.

My age is 35, and I bought all 7 Herbal Testosterone supplements and Axis HT, Libido Cream, DIM, and Chrysin.

I'm cycling them as you describe...


Monday: Horny goat & chrysin
Tuesday: Catuaba
Wednesday: Tongkat Ali & DIM
Thursday : Mucuna Pruriens
Friday: Tribulus & DIM
Saturday: Rhodiola Rosea
Sunday: Passion RX


Monday: DIM
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Libido Cream
Thursday: Chrysin
Friday: DIM
Saturday: AXIS HT
Sunday: Passion RX

Then I come back to week 1 and continue ...

Also, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning I'm going to the gym for weightlifting

The reason I'm using DIM every 2 days is because I'm in the construction field and there is a lot of diesel, thinner, chemical products around me.

Would you give me some advice about this regiment?

Thank you very much.

How Do I Take Testosterone Boosters?

Hello Marco,

Your Supplement Plan looks great!

The only thing I would change is using the Axis HT and Passion Rx back to back.

If I were you, I would take the Axix HT on one Sunday, then use Passion Rx on the following Sunday.

Then, instead of taking Tuesdays off, I would take Monday off, as it's always a good idea to have a supplement free day after using a combination product.

The only other advice I would give you is, don't rely on the supplements alone.

Focus on the lifestyle changes described on the site as well, so your body will respond to these products exactly as they should.

The four most important are diet, exercise, chemical avoidance, and ejaculation control.

Follow the links below for more details on each...

Testosterone Boosting Exercise

Ejaculation Control Techniques

The Testosterone Boosting Diet

How to Avoid Environmental Chemicals

Good luck!

How Do I Take Testosterone Boosters
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