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Hormones & Erectile Dysfunction! Questions to Ask the Doctor!

by Todd Dancz
(Custer, MI)

Hormones & Erectile Dysfunction!
Questions to Ask the Doctor!

Hello Mark

As with most men the subject of being less then society thinks a man should be is a touchy subject.

But this is also a subject that men should not avoid, as it can assist us to be more like the ideal man.

But my question is I have a female doctor, and I am wondering how I can bring this up in a concise and clear manner?

Are there questions that are better then others?

Are their ways of speaking, or a printable form of questions that can cut to the chase so to say?

I am glad information is coming out about subjects like this.

Men have been expected to just tough it out.

I say that as a man, I deserve the right to show my limitations.

They do not make me less of a Manly Man, but show that I am willing to live life in a realistic manner.

Men cannot always be tough, nor strong.

To cry is in itself showing strength.

I am glad I have heard about this problem, and I hope that I can find my way to a resolution.

Hormones & Erectile Dysfunction!
Questions to Ask the Doctor!

Hi Todd,

Your idea of the right questions to ask the doc are most likely going to be much different than mine.

About the only question I'd ask a doctor these days is...

What did the numbers say on my lab report?

When it comes to treatment, I'm not really interested in his or her opinion.


Because of his over-reliance on drugs, surgery, medications, and artificial hormones.

Unfortunately, these slash and burn techniques are about the only thing doctor man knows.

Think about the following for a just moment...
  • Americans are prescribed more medicine per person than any other country in the world.

  • Almost two thirds of all women over the age of 20 are using prescription drugs on a daily basis.

  • In children, one out of every 4 have been prescribed one or more medications.

  • Among seniors, 28 percent of all women and 22 percent of all men take 5 or more medicines daily.
And these numbers don't include all the creams, gels, patches, injections, and other artificial hormones being prescribed.

Add female hysterectomy into the mix, where the reproductive organs of a woman are ripped out of her body...


Vasectomy, or male sterilization surgery, and you've got a pretty good snapshot of what doctor man is all about these days.

Hormones & Erectile Dysfunction!
Questions to Ask the Doctor!

You didn't give any background on yourself Todd, so I don't know if you're suffering from low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, or some other condition.

Either way, it really doesn't matter!

Your doctors response is always going to be the same, no matter what the problem.

You asked me earlier what questions you should ask her.

Here are a few suggestions for you.

Will this drug or hormone you're prescribing cure me?

If not, will I need to take it for the rest of my natural life?

If so, what about the side effects that are sure to come with decades of use.

And Finally...

Wouldn't it be better to avoid all this, and simply attack the problem at the source?

When she looks at you with vacant eyes and begins to ramble on about the effectiveness her drug or artificial hormone...

I suggest you grab your lab report and run straight for the door.

Hormones & Erectile Dysfunction Questions to Ask
the Doctor to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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Doctors prescribing drugs
by: Anonymous

Brilliant post Mark!

What you just described is exactly what happened to me. The sad part is, I fell for it.

When I went off the Cialis, I couldn't get erections all the time, but I no longer had to plan in advance for sex.

I also stopped having heart palpations and blood pressure problems.


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