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High Prolactin & Low Testosterone!

by Ryan

High Prolactin & Low Testosterone!

Hi Mark,

Ryan here again.

Thought I would update you on my ongoing battle with Low Testosterone

I know you are all about the natural side of things so I hope you do not mind that I am going to throw in some medical things too.

First off my stats. I am 34 years old. I first tested Low in September of 08.


Total Testosterone: 145 (Range 241- 827)

Free Testosterone: 4.6 (Range 8.7 – 25.1)

As you can see I started off extremely low!

My doctor and my father both thought this was a fluke because I took the test late in the afternoon.

But this got me motivated.

I waited a while, got my diet in order, hired a personal trainer and tried to change my life:


Total Testosterone: 240 (Range 241- 827)

Free Testosterone: 10.6 (Range 8.7 – 25.1)

As you can see, things are getting better, but still needed improvement.

I worked out more, took the right supplements, ran, jogged, improved my diet even more.

I started things like Taking Maca Powder once a week, joined CrossFit in my town 4-5 days a week.

I met a great girl, really supportive, told her all about my Low T, and she helped out a lot, motivating me.

Then she got me an appointment with a Urologist who agreed to see me.

He told me he wanted to test my levels again, only this time also check for something called "PROLACTIN"


Total Testosterone: 275 (Range 280- 800)

Free Testosterone: 6.5 (Range 8.7 – 25.1)

Prolactin Levels

22.6 (high) Range 4.0 – 15.2

Now this is interesting, even though my life changed dramatically (working out, diet, having much more sex, etc...) my T Levels actually went down!

I also noticed his ranges were different then the other Doctor I went to. So according to this doctor, my T levels are again below the low end.

Also my Free Testosterone Levels dropped from last time.

But here is the interesting thing, my PROLACTIN levels are through the roof! So what does that mean, I ask.

High Prolactin & Low Testosterone!

Well it turns out that I might have what is known as a "PROLACTINOMA" or a benign tumor on my Pituitary gland. This tumor is preventing my body from producing normal levels of testosterone.

I looked this up on Google Health, as did my doctor. It talks about low T in men, lack of sexual drive and etc...

My doctor has now referred me to a Endocrinologist who I am seeing in a month. Now, please understand, this doctor is against the Testosterone Patch and the T Gels.

He hates testosterone therapy and would never recommend this.

This issue may be stopped (not cured) by use of medication that breaks up and or shrinks the tumor, thus allowing my body to create normal T Levels.

You can also opt for Surgery.

High Prolactin & Low Testosterone!

I am telling you this because I find the following odd:

1. After finding out in 08' my T levels were low, I have truly and sincerely been trying to raise them naturally.

2. I changed my diet and work outs.

3. I am actually having more and more sex, and getting erections quicker.

4. I wake up to erections and get excited and fantasize a lot everyday and online (:

5. I still lack the libido and sex drive (could use improvement)

6. I take L-Arginine and Maca and Zinc (cycled of course).

7. Stay away from soy and eat more steak, all the things for a more primal diet

Yet, all this effort for almost 2 years and still I have Low T Levels.

I would hate to have to solve this issue medically but in my case it might be necessary, and at least it's not the Andro Gel.

Your thoughts, Mark. I respect your opinion greatly.

High Prolactin & Low Testosterone!

Hello Ryan,

Sorry to hear about all your troubles.

High prolactin combined with low testosterone is a surrogate marker for prolactinoma, so I'd bet you and your doctor are right.

If this is the case, and you do have a tumor in your pituitary gland, it's not the end of the world.


Because as you've already discovered, these tumors are typically benign and very treatable.

Once treated your prolactin levels should quickly fall back down into the normal range.

And guess what?

Most men see a dramatic increase in testosterone after prolactin levels have been stabilized.

So if tests confirm the prolactinoma, you'll know exactly what you need to do.

Go for the treatment!

Tackle this issue with a vengeance, just like you have everything else in your life, and you'll get past this.

Sounds like you've got a good woman in your corner, which always helps in a situation like this.

Thanks for the detailed update on your situation.

Let us know how things work out for you Ryan!

High Prolactin & Low Testosterone to
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