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High Estrogen in Men! How to Avoid Demasculinization

by David

High Estrogen in Men! How to Avoid Demasculinization

Hi Mark,

I've decided to follow your plan and have purchased a Zinger Ring.

In addition to that, I've purchased the original seven supplements you recommended:

Tongkat Ali

Passion Rx

Tribulus Terrestris

Rhodiola Rosea

Yohimbe Bark

Horny Goat Weed

Catuaba Bark

I also am thinking about getting Chrysin but I have a question about it. I looked around on your website but didn't see an answer.

Do you cycle the Chrysin?

It's not a Testosterone Boosters but an estrogen blocker, so maybe it's just an "as needed" supplement?

Or do you use this once a week? Or every day?

Thanks again, Mark.

High Estrogen in Men!
How to Avoid Demasculinization

Hi David,

T-Boosters are easy, you simply take your dose, then put the supplement away for a week before you use it again.

Estrogen blockers are more complicated!

You only want to pull these out when you really need them.

For example...
  • When your nipples are puffy, sore, or inflamed.

  • If you have difficulty getting the urine stream started at night, as elevated E levels can cause benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

  • When the T-Boosters kick in very strong, as some of the excess T will most certainly be converted into estrogen, via aromatization of testosterone in the blood stream.

  • If you've been exposed to high levels of any estrogenic agent..e.g..paints, gasoline, diesel fumes, cleaning products, solvents, perfumes, dyes, or other chemicals.

  • When your testicles are heading North instead of South.
Let's get into more detail on this one...

When cycling the T-Boosters exactly as described on the site, enlarged, full, and heavy testicles should be the normal state of affairs.

If not, elevated E is the most likely culprit.


Because excess estrogen saturates the testosterone receptors in the hypothalamus inside your brain, which reduces the signals sent to the pituitary gland.

This shuts down secretion of luteinizing hormone, cold!

And no luteinizing hormone means no T, as LH is the substance that signals the testicles to start manufacturing testosterone.

High Estrogen in Men!
How to Avoid Demasculinization

My take on cycling estrogen supplements has evolved over the last year or so, as I've perfected my system.

You can see what I recommend now, by reading through the Q&A below below...

Estrogen, SHBG, Aromatase & Free Testosterone

Make sure to read all the way through, including the comments at the very bottom.

Good luck!

High Estrogen in Men How to Avoid
Demasculinization to Low Testosterone-Home

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