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Going Commando!

The Hidden Dangers of Tighty Whities!


I'm here to argue that you should be going commando, underwear-less, 100 percent freestyle.

Yup, you need to let your testicles out to swing free in the wind!

Think about this...

Your testes are the only organs you own that actually hang outside of your body.

They were designed like this for a very good reason, as it's absolutely critical that they stay cool at all times.

Here's Why...

Your body temperature runs just a hair below 99 degrees.

Allow your sperm to get up into that range, and they begin to heat up and die off real fast.

That's why your scrotum is so flexible...

When the mercury rises, your cremasteric reflex kicks in which drops your testicle sack away from your warm body.

Here's where many men run into problems...

If you're a bun hugger or tighty whitie guy, that drop isn't going to happen for you.

Those snug underwear keep your testes pressed right up against your 98.6 degree body at all times.

That's not good!

Going Commando!

But you might be saying to yourself, who cares if my sperm takes a hit?

I'm have no plans to father offspring any time soon!

Well, it's not just your fertility that's at stake here, it's your manhood!

Consider this...

A study published in the Society of Reproduction and Fertility journal found that overheated testicles produce lower levels of testosterone, and other male hormones.

Yup, according to this published report, hot testicles pump out less juice.

Ready to get rid of those briefs yet?

Going Commando!

Here are a few more facts for you...

  • Once your testes reach 98 degrees, sperm production stops completely
  • Your sperm count can drop as much as 35% after a high temperature fever
  • 30 minutes in a Jacuzzi or hot tub can decrease sperm production for up to 9 months
  • Russian power-lifters used to ice their testicles to boost testosterone production prior to competition.

Fortunately, you don't need to go that far!

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your testes cool, in order to maximize your sperm and testosterone production.

Go Commando!

Lose the underwear for good and give your boys some freedom, just as mother nature intended.

I lost the underwear habit 10 years ago, and have no plans to go back anytime soon.

Strapping on a pair of tight briefs right now would feel like downright torture.

If you can't wrap your brain around this concept, at least switch to loose fitting boxers.

Lose the Bike Shorts!

I have a rule about polyester, or any other artificial, made in a lab somewhere, fabric.

I never wear it!

Give me 100 percent natural, breath-able cotton, any day of the week.

Spandex bike shorts are far worse than briefs when it comes to heating up your boys.

They're extremely tight and due to the artificial nature of the fabric, they trap heat.

Make it a point to dump the spandex, and switch to loose fitting cotton instead.

Limit Jacuzzi Time!

This one's easy for me because I'm not a big fan of floating around in warm, urine infested chemical cesspools.

Think about this...

A busy public jacuzzi, can contain up to a gallon or more of human urine.

To control this infestation, chlorine has to be used in extremely high volume, otherwise the smell would be intolerable.

I don't know about you, but as soon as I read this information, I was done for good!

When you add up the chlorine, the urine, and the boiling testicles, this one becomes a real no brainer.

If you're still not sold, you can do damage control by soaking your testicles in cool water after a session.


There's no need to take this to the extremes the Russian powerlifters did.

Your testes operate at peak efficiency, just slightly below your normal body temperature.

Simply give them room to drop when necessary and they'll stay in the zone automatically!

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