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How to Get More Testosterone
The Right Way!

How to Get More Testosterone

This post is going to tick quite a few of you off.

But that's OK…as a matter of fact it's my goal here today.

Here's why…

On a recent trip to New York I learned that quite often, my message is going out to the wrong people.

Men who have no clue what I'm all about, and even if they did they'd have no intention of ever changing anyway.

For example, I spent an ungodly amount of time in New York sitting in my hotel room answering questions like this…

"Can I take your supplements and testosterone replacement at the same time?" "I'm a vegan and don't ever want to stop eating soy, what should I do?" "I'm overweight and hate to exercise, what supplements should I take?"

See what I'm talking about here?

So on the flight home from this "Vacation" I decided it was time to stop wasting my life away answering questions like this.

So here's my plan…I'm going to outline my hardcore philosophy so new members will have a solid feel for what I'm all about.

This will be a good refresher for you old timers as well, so stick with me.

Remember…this is non negotiable stuff that you need to wrap your brain around if you and I are going to continue on here.

If you can't or won't accept these basic tenants, it's probably time for you and I to part ways.

Here we go….

Body Fat, Man-Boobs & Tiny Little Testicles


Excess body fat is a potent man killer, and you will never achieve an optimal testosterone / estrogen ratio while you're in fat accumulation mode.

If your body fat percentage is whacked, your main focus needs to be fat reduction.

Bodybuilder looks aren't required here…just moving North instead of South is all it takes to begin your hormonal transformation.

If you're overweight and not willing to make this commitment to yourself, you and I are just wasting our time here.

Masculine Grub vs Girly Man Food

foods to get more testosterone

Low fat diets lead to suboptimal testosterone production and weak unproductive testicles.

Soy foods, refined carbs, polyunsaturated oils and excessive fructose consumption kill off T production as well.

Foods that include plenty of clean animal proteins and fats are essential to a man looking to maintain adequate levels of testosterone.

These foods are high in zinc, fat soluble vitamins and other nutrients required for optimal testosterone production in a man.

So if the thought of a grass-fed steak, organic egg yolk, or fresh wild caught salmon turns your stomach, it may be time for you and I to part ways.

Women Are Good - Excessive Alone Time Is Bad

masturbation testosterone

You have a very potent rocket fuel sitting in those testicles of yours that you need to manage properly.

And by manage I mean don't run your engine down to empty every single day of the week.

This means you avoid the temptation to jump onto your computer to get off every time you feel a little juiced.

Nope, you exercise some manly discipline, you conserve that rocket fuel to keep your hormone levels flying high at all times.

Legal Substance Abuse For The Medically Challenged


Are you taking a handful of prescription meds every morning?

If so, it's time to go doctor shopping and find a medical man who hasn't been afflicted with prescription madness.

This is especially true if you've been given drugs to treat high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, or cholesterol issues.

These conditions can all be treated successfully, without using drugs, which don't cure your underlaying condition anyway.

Remember….it's rare when I come across a drug that does NOT reduce hormones and sex drive in a man.

Emasculating Chemicals And You

chemicals reduce testosterone

If you're not willing to give up your Right Guard, Old Spice or Head and Shoulders you're just wasting your time here.

Remember, conventional cosmetics are loaded with estrogen mimicking, endocrine disrupting, reproductive killing toxins.

If you can't motivate yourself to make the painless transformation to chemical free man products it's time for you and I to say bye bye.

How To Beat Your Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag


Walks to the fridge to pull the Häagen-Dazs out of the freezer don't count as exercise.

90 minute jogging session do, but they'll give you the body, muscle mass and hormone profile of a prepubescent 12 year old boy.

If you want to hit your hormonal stride, you need to hit the high intensity exercise like a man, at least 3 times a week.

If you're not willing to go hard several times weekly, you will never reach your hormonal potential.

Remember…we're talking less than an hour a week here if you're efficient.

If you can't make this commitment to yourself, I'd say our relationship is terminal!

In conclusion...

If you combine the above with about 8 hours of quality sleep, sunlight exposure, and an intelligent supplementation plan, I promise you….you will find your pot of gold.

Assuming of course you don't have a 30 beer a week habit or smoke weed like a Rastafarian.

If all this sounds good to you….great, I look forward to educating, networking, and providing inspiration to you for the next 20 years or more!

There are at least 6500 of you here who fall directly into this category, and I consider you accomplices, compadres, partners in crime, and yes...even friends.

But, several hundred of you don't fall into this category at all.

To you this all sounds like way too much work!

And my reply to you would be….there's no such thing as an easy way out in life.

Anything in this world worth having requires effort to achieve and to sustain.

And this includes your hormones, your manhood, and your testicles that are under constant attack from chemicals, medical man, and your very own self.

And trust me, if you're thinking that testosterone replacement is easy, you're deluding yourself.

Deluding because man-boobs aren't easy.

Neither are wild mood swings, sexual highs and lows, extreme hostility or shriveled up, wasted away testicles.

Don't get me wrong here…

I want you to stay with me, but ONLY if you're willing to take responsibility for your own sexual health.

And remember, you don't have to be perfect!

You just have the have the correct mind set…you must be willing to try, to stumble and to fail every once in a while.

And when you do stumble, I'll tell you this…you CAN count on me to be there to back you up.

You see…I love getting emails from men who've bitten down hard on the bullet, who've committed, given the finger to the prescription pad.

When I get messages from men like this, I can't wait to jump in and help any way I possibly can.

But when I get emails like this…

"I masturbate several times a day and don't think I could ever quit"…I lose interest in a New York Minute.

So tell me...what category do you fall into?

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