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Finger Length Ratio & Testosterone

by Kelly
(Hollywood, FL)

Hello Mark,

Great site!

I have a question about finger length ratio and testosterone.

Is this an urban myth, or is it really true that you can gauge testosterone levels by comparing the length of your fingers?


Finger Length Ratio & Testosterone!

Hello Kelly,

Nope, it's not an urban myth.

It sounds odd, but it's actually true.

Men exposed to the highest levels of testosterone in the womb, have some interesting things going on with their hands.

In these men, the ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger.

In women, the index and ring are typically about the same length.

Several interesting facts have come out of the studies looking at finger length ratio...

Boys with very short ring fingers have a much higher risk of suffering heart disease in early adulthood.

Professor John Manning from the University of Central Lancashire's department of psychology, who has done extensive research on the finger/testosterone link, had this to say...

If I had a group of runners and they were about to start a race, I could predict reasonably well who was going to win based on their finger length.


Homosexual men typically have shorter ring fingers, more in line with what you'd expect to see in a woman.

Men with a masculine digit ratios profile, typically have androgen receptors that are much more sensitive to testosterone.

This explains why these men exhibit certain traits in adulthood, such as...

Athletic ability


Elevated sperm count

Musical ability

Masculine handwriting

Assertive behavior


Men who undergo a sex change operation from male to female, typically have a finger length ratio profile more in line with that of a women.

Butch lesbians typically have masculine finger length profiles, while femmes do not.


Women with a masculine finger ratio profile are more fertile compared to those with a feminine profile.

So if you're single, and shopping for the future mother of your children, you know what to look for!

Thanks for the interesting question!

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