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Fasting, HIIT and Human Growth Hormone

by Mark

I want you to try something tomorrow…

After you wake up, fast until dinner time if you can make it that long.

If not, eat just barely enough to get by, but don't go anywhere near a carbohydrate.

Then, when you get home from work that night….

Do a quick glycogen depletion workout before you sit down to your evening evening meal.

Since you've been fasting all day, it won't take much to empty your tank…

Eight 20 second intervals of air squats, lunges, jump rope, etc, will do you….

This can be done in about 4 minutes.

Now here's where we're going with all this…

The exercise, along with the fasting is going to give you two anabolic gifts…

For one, it's going to get your human growth hormone percolating.

Because hungry people with low muscle sugar produce a lot of growth hormone.

This is a survival mechanism, provided by mother nature, and all you need to do is ask for it.

Number two…

Your carb depleted muscles are going to be starved for nutrition when you eventually track down a meal…

So every ounce of carbohydrate you take in will be greedily sucked up by your biceps, pecs, glutes, etc.

And if you add some protein into the mix your body will break that protein down with extreme efficiency…

Because it's been smelling starvation all day long…

And when starvation happens, muscle becomes a huge priority because you can't hunt for food without it.

This is a survival mechanism too.

I suggest you chase this protein down with 3 full cups of white rice, at minimum.

This macronutrient mixture will create some impressive muscle synthesis by morning, with NO fat gain penalty.

Once you're finished eating….

Walk straight past your TV and head to the shower and jelq your package for 10 minutes.

When you get out, cool your boys down with a brief icing session - then go find your better half.

By now, the anabolic stage will have been set, so it's time to add a little dopamine to the mix.

And you can get this dopamine easily because your girl carries the key to the vault - and all you have to do is get her to open it up.

A 5 minute massage before bed that leads to hard wood will get you in, and the game face you put on to make this massage happen is what opens the door…

Because anytime you start scheming for these types of favors, your dopamine comes a running.

They don't call it the risk-reward neurotransmitter for nothing.

After the massage session is complete….

Whisper into her ear that you're going to wake her up in the morning with a big surprise.

And when that intercontinental ballistic missile comes roaring into your bedroom at dawn…

Make good on that promise.

When you're finished, kiss her on the cheek, then pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then start making your plans for tomorrow.

Just don't forget the equation…

Food Timing + HIIT + Female Pursuit = Big Time Hormone Synthesis.

So make sure you play the game.


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