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Estrogen and my prostate!

by Jack

I bought some stinging nettle root per your suggestion, and have noticed two things since I started taking it.

Normally at night when I get up to pee, it takes about 10 seconds for the urine flow to start. Since taking up the nettle root, that 10 second waiting period has disappeared.

That's proof to me that the nettle has effectively reduced the size of my prostate.

The second thing is, I have thinning hair. About a week ago my wife said, you look like you have more hair on the top of your head.

I went and looked in the mirror, and sure enough, the crown of my head had filled in quite a bit. I still have a good sized bald spot, but it's much smaller that it was in the past.

Since this has all this transpired, I've done some more research on the Internet. The consensus seem to be that nettle root balances your hormones quite effectively.

Based on my experience, I agree!

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