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Erection Problems!

by Imraan Cassim
(South Africa)

Everytime my girlfriend comes on me to, my penis does not get hard enough, nor does it get very erect.

But, when I watch porn it gets very hard!

I want to grow my penis bigger and I was hoping could help me with my erection problem please.

Thank you!

Hello Imraan,

It sounds to me like you're watching too much porn! Cut back on the computer sex, and get back into having sex with your woman.

A woman beats a cold computer screen any day of the week in my book.

To boost the strength and quality of your erections, look into Passion Rx.

If you cut back on the masturbation, and start supplementing with this product, I guarantee you, you'll get your erections back.


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Cycling Passion RX
by: TBone

On this page and others you give high regard to Passion RX, but disparage Extenze and other herbal mixtures.

But isn't Passion RX also a mix that will produce the same problems?


Good question!

You can find the answer in the link below...

How To Cycle Compound Testosterone Supplements

Good luck!

I do have the same problem
by: Ben

I have the same problem though i do not watch porn movies maybe I am getting cold though I want to have more sex with my wife.
I am happy to see that I am not the only one who has the same issue.

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