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How To Cycle Compound Testosterone Supplements?

How to Cycle Compound Testosterone Supplements?

Hi Mark,

Excellent site--you've inspired me to totally change my Supplements Strategy.

I see that you mention "Catuaba Power Max".

Since that product contains a combination of ingredients, not just catuaba bark and muira pauma, how would you suggest cycling that into the rotation?

(I'm already taking several of those other ingredients on other days.)

Currently I'm using single ingredient versions of both catuaba bark and muira pauma, but I might like to try the Power Max version if you recommend it.


How to Cycle Compound Testosterone Supplements?


Good question, you're obviously paying attention!

I only use a compound supplement occasionally, and my combo supplement of choice now is Passion Rx.

Catuaba Power Max is still a good product, but it can create a buzzy, caffeine like effect if it hits you the wrong way.

I hate that feeling, and try to avoid it at all costs.

With Passion RX, even at twice the recommended dose, you never get that negative, buzzy vibe.

Here's how I cycle the RX to avoid building up a tolerance...

I typically take it on the weekend.

The following day, I have a supplement free day, where I don't take any type of sex booster whatsoever.

I think it's a good idea to go off supplements entirely, in order to give your liver a break now and then.

When I start up again, I begin taking products that are not in Passion RX ingredient list.

Once you've build up your stock of testosterone supplements, that should be simple enough to do.

For example, citicoline, ginseng, antler velvet, and rhodiola rosea are not in RX.

I'll cycle those for 4 or 5 days, then jump back into my normal routine.

So far, this has worked great for me, with no tolerance problems whatsoever.


I like to save the combo products for big events, when I really want a good kick in the seat of the pants.

Big social engagements, a date with my woman, trips to vegas, anniversaries, etc...

Once again, the key is to build up a nice stock of Sex Boosters, so you have plenty to work with.

Make it a point to cycle them daily to avoid building up a tolerance, and they'll deliver for you each and every time you take them.

Thanks for your question!

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How to Cycle Compound Testosterone Supplements to
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