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Ejaculation Male!
Increase the Size your Ejaculations!

ejaculation male

Ejaculation Male

How to Increase the Size your Ejaculations!

According to google analytics, quite a few of you find this site after searching for information on how to increase ejaculation size.

Yesterday, a regular visitor here sent me an email detailing some techniques he's been using to bring his testicles back after 6 months of steroid use.

I guess after the steroids, his testicles had shrunk in size or atrophied quite a bit.

In addition to the testicular atrophy, his ejaculation amount was about half what it used to be.

Unhappy with what was going on he hit google, and stumbled onto this site. After educating himself, he took action and turned his situation around!!

Good for him!

According to the email, his testicles are back, and so are his ejaculations!

Since interest in this subject seems high, I thought I'd share his information here....

Man - Ejaculation!

His techniques are centered around his Blakoe-Penis Ring, edging, and supplements...

According to ebay reports, more than 30 of you have purchased the Zinger just in the last few weeks. Looks like the word is starting to spread!

That's a good thing!

His routine consists of daily edging sessions, which he does while wearing his Blakoe-Ball Zinger device.

If you've never heard of Edging, here's a brief rundown...

Take yourself to the brink of orgasm, then stop just prior to ejaculation. Rinse and repeat 5, 10, 15 times, or however long you can take it.

The key is not to orgasm, even after the session is complete.

Following the session, wear the Zinger for at least 4 hours.

This is the same advice the gurus in the penis enlargement community give.

They recommend wearing the Zinger a minimum of 4 hours after a penis enlargement session.

I think it's good advice...

Better Ejaculation!

He's also taking the following supplements...


Tongkat Ali


All good choices. One of the primary ingredients in ZMA is zinc. Zinc is a critical nutrient that your body uses to manufacture sperm.

Tongkat Ali is well know for it's ability to increase ejaculation size, and the force and power of your ejaculations.

Chrysin keeps estrogen levels in check!

Bottom line!

If you're looking to increase the size of your testicles and boost your ejaculation volume, all you need is a little time, a Blakoe-Zinger device, and a few supplements.

To view images and check prices on the Ball Zinger, follow the link below...

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Ejaculation male to LARGE TESTICLES!


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