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Ectomorph Body Type! How to Balance Cortisol & Testosterone

by Jonas
(Australia )

Ectomorph Body Type!
How to Balance Cortisol & Testosterone

Hi Mark,

I was wondering if a man's body type, skinny, tough or fat, is a significant determinant of their 'default' level of testosterone production.

I'm guessing that is is, but if so, how significant is the connection?

Would a really skinny guy like me have a much harder time boosting their testosterone, or is it not really that bad?

By the way, I think I am what they call a "skinny-fat" ectomorph because I have a little pot-belly and a soft breast area.

Apparently skinny-fat ectos pump out heaps of cortisol when stressed and have very little T.

Also I get sleep deprived very easily - I have to be very careful with my lifestyle to make sure I sleep well. Is this a symptom of low T?

Thanks in advance,
Jonas, Age 21

Ectomorph Body Type!
How to Balance Cortisol & Testosterone

Hi Jonas,

I think an inclination towards low or high testosterone production is fueled by a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors.

You can't control genetics, obviously, but you can definitely control lifestyle.

I've worked with quite a few ectomorphs in the past, and here are a few things I've learned along the way.


Every ectomorph I've ever met has had to eat a lot of food to move out of the catabolic zone.


You need to be carrying plenty of muscle on your frame if you want your body to produce optimal levels of testosterone.

To get that muscle you need to down more calories than the average Joe.


Anaerobic exercise must be your friend, and aerobic exercise your foe.

I argue all over my site that aerobic exercise is a catabolic activity, and this is especially true for ectomorphs.

To make the shift from catabolic to anabolic, eat plenty of high quality food, and focus on explosive, high intensity training.

Training done in the weight room, with an emphasis on heavy, compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and military press.

And remember...

Since you have a natural inclination toward a catabolic state, it's absolutely critical that you do not over-train.

20 minutes of sheer insanity in the gym, three times a week, followed up with plenty of food, sleep, and recovery.

Ectomorph Body Type!
How to Balance Cortisol & Testosterone

Ectomorphs are typically nervous, high strung, and stressed, due to high levels of cortisol in the blood stream.

Panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia can almost be daily occurrences in some.

You may not be suffering this much, but still...

If you do have ectomorph tendencies, it's essential that you take steps to reduce your cortisol levels.

Here are a few more suggestions on how to do that...

Control Carbohydrate Consumption:

Excessive refined carb intake elevates cortisol levels due to the spike in insulin these foods deliver.

Make it a point to avoid fractioned, heavily refined carbs, and get your calories from whole food instead.

Avoid Stimulants:

Stimulants will take you out two different levels...

For one, they can dramatically increase stress hormones in the body, plus they disrupt sleep!

Both are bad news for anyone looking to get a grip on cortisol levels.

Balance Omega Fats:

Are you getting a large percentage of your fat from industrial seed oils...oils found in commercial salad dressings, mayonnaise, and other processed foods?

If so, chances are good you're suffering from a fatty acid imbalance.

Keep in mind...

In the past, humans consumed very little of these highly processed liquid oils.

It takes intense technology to manufacture oil from a soybean or a cotton seed..technology we didn't have until very recently.

And these oils, which are extremely high in pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats, have squeezed out much of the omega 3 fats humans have consumed throughout our history.

Do yourself a favor, and make it a point to reduce consumption of these liquid fats...

Replace them with omega 3 rich fats found in grass fed beef, pastured butter, and cold water fish.

More than one study has shown that balancing these essential fats leads to a reduction in cortisol levels in humans.

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters:

Take the steps above, and your body will begin to shift away from a catabolic state.

To knock things into overdrive, begin supplementing with OTC testosterone boosters.

These supplements, if cycled properly, will shift your body into a highly anabolic state, and keep it there for the duration.

Good luck!

Ectomorph Body Type How to Balance
Cortisol & Testosterone to Boost Low Testosterone

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May 17, 2012
I feel identified
by: Anonymous

I love this Article!!!!

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