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Does Dim Need to Be Cycled?

by Eric

Does Dim Need to Be Cycled?

Hi Mark

I have spent some time going through your website, and I have found that you're a BIG proponent of Cycling Your Supplements.

However in one article you said:

I take DIM several times a week, especially right before I jump on the freeway

So I was just wondering if there's a reason that this wouldn't have to be cycled, or cycled as often?

I know if I took it on the days that I get on the freeway, I would take it everyday!

Just wondering if you might give me some more insight and advise.

Does Dim Need to Be Cycled?

Hello Eric,

I've have no problems with tolerance using DIM several times a week when I jump on the freeways here in California.

I've never taken it every day of the week as you suggested, so I'm not exactly sure how that would work out.

My gut tells me the DIM would deliver, but in all honesty, I can't tell you exactly why.

In other words, I haven't found a T-Booster that doesn't need to be cycled religiously, but DIM seems to be different.

One possible explanation could be that we're not really asking to body to do anything, so the negative feedback loop isn't part of the equation here.

In other words, the DIM is doing all the work, processing bad estrogen's into good, forcing toxic estrogen's to be excreted out of the body, etc, etc...

My suggestion for you would be, use it when you need it but take days off whenever possible.

Say on Sundays when you don't have to commute to work, for example.

If it delivers for you consistently with no negative side effects or tolerance issues, then you're good to go!

Hope that helps!

Does Dim Need to Be Cycled
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DIM and driving?
by: Anonymous

I'm not understanding the correlation between DIM and driving. Why would one take DIM before jumping on the highway?

Does DIM need to be cycled? I've been taking it for 8 months now.

Hi there,

DIM will mitigate the damage caused by the airborne pollutants you'll be exposed to while driving.

And no, the negative feedback loop does not come into play with DIM so it doesn't need to be cycled.


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