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Do I Drink Too Much?

by Brian

Do I Drink Too Much?

Hi Mark,

I'm 27 years old, drink anywhere between 3 and 6 beers a night and at least once a week, usually on Saturdays, I drink a lot.

These are usually going out nights where I'm letting off steam. I'd like to note that I NEVER drive on these nights, just so you know.

The way I look at this is, I'm young and having a good time and will eventually cut back on the partying when I get older.

But I have had a big drop off in sex drive especially in the days following the hard drinking on Saturday nights.

If the alcohol is the problem, I may be convinced to re-look at the situation.

FYI, I carry some weight around my mid section, but I'm still in pretty good shape.

Thanks for your time.

Do I Drink Too Much?

Hello Brian,

You may be in good shape now, but trust me, it's not going to last.

That weight around your mid section is going to take on soccer ball proportions if you don't start exercising some self control.

Do the math yourself...

An average of only 4 beers a night over a 30 day period comes out to a whopping 18,000 calories a month.

And that's assuming you're not drinking the premium malty stuff. If so, you can increase that number by another 10,000 or so.

Combine those excess calories with the estrogenic compounds found in all beer, and you've got a recipe for weight gain, and a big time increase in body fat levels.

But it gets worse...

When you binge on Saturday night, you're setting yourself up for several days of severe hormonal pain.

That alcohol depression that hits you hard following a heavy drinking session is a clear signal that your serotonin levels have crashed and burned.

Yup, and you're going to pay for it.

Because along with the serotonin crash, comes a massive estrogen boost.


Heavy drinkers suffer testicular atrophy, erectile dysfunction, and breast enlargement at much higher rates than moderate drinkers.


Because of the elevated estrogen and other hormonal malfunctions brought on by consuming too much alcohol.

Do I Drink Too Much?

Here's my personal take on excessive drinking....

What's the point?

Why would you want to sacrifice your manhood, your happiness, and your testicles for a few hours of fun.

As you and I both know, once the buzz wears off things things head South real quickly.

I'm aware that everyone blows it occasionally, but you seem to be blowing it most days of the week.

And you've lost your testosterone and your libido as a result.

Think about this picture for a moment...

Instead of chasing an alcohol buzz every single night of the week, chase a life buzz.

Perfect your body, create a financial empire, pursue a beautiful woman.

After you've spent several days making the most of your life, then you can let your hair down.

At this point have a few drinks if you'd like.....

Then put the bottle down for another week or so, and work on your life again.


True happiness comes to a man when he has strong passions in life, when he's busy, active, and highly productive.

The booze will give you glimpses of that happiness, but only temporarily.

Once the buzz wears off all the good stuff disappears right along with it.

So do yourself a favor...Start looking for your happiness someplace else.

You'll be a better man because of it.

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