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by Mike
(Harrisburg, PA)

Dim Estrogen Diindolylmethane!

I hear that DIM is very effective at lowering estrogen, thereby Elevating Free Testosterone Levels.

What do you think?

The one brand I have found to apparently be the most bio-available is called Bio-Response DIM, created by a Dr. Zeligs...

Dim Estrogen Diindolylmethane!

Hi Mike,

DIM is an excellent supplement.


The Bio-Response product you mentioned is completely unnecessary for our purposes here.

Plus, it's extremely expensive!

He charges 40 bucks for only 60 capsules.

The product I use is only about 25 bucks, for 120 capsules.

Now you may be asking yourself, is the cheaper DIM potent enough?

My Answer...

It's too potent!!

So potent in fact, that I have to break the capsules open, and take no more than about
a quarter cap.

Otherwise, my estrogen levels will plummet, and I'll get a screaming headache.

Yes, males need a little estrogen too.

Why is this is the case?

Why is the cheap stuff too potent for my purposes, but not potent enough for the bodybuilders.

I'll tell you why?

I'm not injecting testosterone, or other steroids into my system.

I'm not using blunt force measures to increase my male hormone levels.

Blunt force results in wild and unnatural swings in testosterone levels.

Swings that require the use of very potent aromatase inhibitors....

Estrogen blockers like the Bio-Response mentioned above, or even the medication Arimidex (anastrozole).


Because when testosterone levels go that high, that quickly, much of that T will be converted into estrogen by your body.

Remember, radical hormonal swings, require radical measures.

We do it differently around here...

When you boost testosterone levels using Natural Testosterone Boosters, you won't experience the wild hormonal swings mentioned above.

Sure, you'll have days here and there when the testosterone comes on a bit too strong, but the hormonal surge will be manageable.

Manageable with the affordable DIM product mentioned above, and the chrysin, and nettle root extracts I discuss on This Page.

Good luck to you!

Dim Estrogen Diindolylmethane to
Low Testosterone-Home

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