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Diagnosed with Low Testosterone & Placed on Hormone Therapy

by Dan

Diagnosed with Low Testosterone & Placed on Hormone Therapy

Hi Mark,

I was diagnosed with low T about 2 years ago.

I went from Androgel to shots and back to Androgel again.

I was on 6 pumps and just tested low again ( 144 )and was told to bump it to 8 pumps a day!!

This really bothers me!

The little of this blog that I have read doesn't bode well for me. I am feeling all the indications of low T.

No sex drive, low confidence and little zest.

I hate this!! Any advice?

After I increase my dose of Androgel, I am supposed to go back in 2 months for another test.

Diagnosed with Low Testosterone & Placed on Hormone Therapy

Hi Dan,

I've heard your story a thousand times.

The parable usually goes something like this...

A man starts feeling a little low...decreased sex drive, no energy, weak erections lacking motivation, and uninterested in taking on life.

Looking for help, he makes a pit stop at his local doctors office.

Tests are ran, blood is drawn, and in about 2 weeks the the tests come back.

And the result....Low Testosterone!

Doctor man, who was never taught how to heal, or to look for the root cause of a problem, has only one course of action at this point.

He attacks individual symptoms, using blunt force...force that usually comes in the form of drugs, or artificial hormones.

And artificial hormones these days usually means Androgel.


Not because it's the best product, or the cheapest, the most convenient or easy to apply.

It's prescribed most often because it's heavily marketed and extremely profitable.

You see, Testosterone itself is not patentable, but the delivery method is.

So Solvay Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Androgel, came up with a plan...

They took some cheap testosterone powder, put it in a gel, packaged it up real nice, then threw a multi million dollar marketing budget behind it.

Then the drug reps went after the doctors big time, with their slick sales brochures, contrived medical studies, and free product samples.

And the doctors bought it, hook, line, and sinker!

In the year 2007 alone, Solvay Pharmaceuticals racked up more than 400 million dollars in cold hard cash on Androgel.

And you Dan, are one of the victims of this well executed plan!

Of course, a man is free to make his own decisions in life, if he's willing to do a little thinking for himself.

It sounds to me like you're ready to do that right now!

Read on to get started...

30 Year Old Prescribed Testosterone & Suffering

Diagnosed with Low Testosterone &
Placed on Hormone Therapy to Low-T-Home

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Jan 07, 2012
Off Andro Gel
by: John A.

58 year old male on Andro Gel for 5 years. Decided to go the supplements you suggested.

I received them in the mail and 3 months later I had a testosterone level blood test during an annual physical and my results came back with a very significant increase in my testosterone level.

I then told my doctor what I had done and for now I am off the Andro Gel. I will go back in six months for another testosterone level blood test.

Hello John,


Thanks for the update, I appreciate it!


Aug 08, 2011
Androgel is a rip off
by: Anonymous

My doctor had me on 8 pumps a day, which is 4 bottles a month. My insurance would only cover a portion of the expense thus leaving me with a $152 co-pay each time. So $608 monthly. Who the hell can do that?

I went to a reputable compounding pharmacy in Dallas and the pharm tech wrote out the prescription that doctor needed to fax in. I sent to my doctor and had him call the pharmacy. He wrote the prescription and now I take 1ML daily which delivers the same amount as 8 pumps of Androgel.

Did I mention that it only costs me $60 a month now. Yes, one tenth of the cost. My doctor was reluctant, but after me demanding that he speak to the pharmacy, he wrote the prescription.

This is what is wrong with the health care system in this country. You are only paying for the Androgel name brand.

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