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30 Year Old Prescribed Testosterone & Suffering!

by Jason
(Memphis, TN)

30 Year Old Prescribed Testosterone & Suffering!

Hello Mark,

I've been on Testim Gel for 2 years.

The first 6 months or so were great, but it's been downhill ever since.

My penis and balls have shrunk, and I feel worse than I did when I started this 2 years ago.

I still have erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, no energy, reduced semen volume, and a bunch of other problems.

I've complained to my doctor, and all he can think to do is increase the dose of my Testim.

I am so sick of this that I'm ready to dump him and the gel for good.

Have I done too much damage in the last 2 years, or do I still have a chance.

Thanks for everything.

You seem to be the only person out there telling it like it really is.

30 Year Old Prescribed Testosterone & Suffering!

Hi Jason,

You've discovered first hand the idiocy of exogenous testosterone replacement.

Especially in your case, as you were a mere 28 years of age when doctor man placed you on the juice.

Here's the sad part of your story...

It probably never crossed your doc's mind that he was sacrificing your testicles the day he wrote out your script.

Or that this exogenous testosterone will aromatize, eventually leading to an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in your system.

And the aromatase medication you should have been taking to prevent all this?

Well, he probably forgot about that too.

You see, when you've got 5 patients at a time waiting for you in those little sterilized white rooms.


A waiting room full of other patients...

Combined with the fact and you're chronically way behind schedule, as doctors always are...

You get feel for why doctor man always seems to turn to his prescription pad.

It's fast, it's clean, and it's simple.

Unfortunately, it rarely works!

30 Year Old Prescribed Testosterone & Suffering!

2 years on the juice is a long stretch, but you're only 30.

If you do now, what you should have done 2 years ago, you'll certainly get your stuff back.

Just remember, it's going to take a serious commitment on your part.

A much bigger commitment than most who follow the plan.

In other words, a cycle of testosterone boosters alone won't get you there.

You need to go at it from every angle possible, and stick it out thorough the inevitable rough patches ahead.

Here's where to begin...

Supplement with OTC Testosterone Boosters

Wear a Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Control Your Male Estrogen Levels

Do Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Practice Male Edging-Orgasm Without Ejaculation

30 Year Old Prescribed Testosterone & Suffering to
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Jun 20, 2010
All I can say is "WOW"
by: Fray

What a story... I can say that it is not normal though you were able to give a good advice in the end. No other site do answer people that quick and gave them a good advice not like you. I salute you for doing so.
So to all people out there. I surely say that you can trust this site. ( boost your low testosterone )

Jun 20, 2010
Keep it up!
by: Steven

After reading this I was shocked since I never thought that there would be a guy who would have problems with his Low Testosterone because Im only 26 but this guy is just 30 years old. That scares me a lot but I guess since this site is here I still have a guide when I come to this point.

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