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Cordyceps. An Aphrodisiac That Enhances Mood and Creativity

by Mark Wilson



Cordyceps is a fungus similar to mushrooms, but it's an odd fungi, that for sure.

It's reproduces by attaching to insects where it turns into the parasite from hell.

It can actually take over the bodily functions of a bug and tell it where to go before it dies so the weather conditions will be ideal for Cordyceps growth.

And when this fungi is ready to spread it's wings, it literally pops out of the head of the bug who was unfortunate enough to be infected.

Cordyceps showed up in Tibetan medical transcripts way back in the 15th century, where it was used as an aphrodisiac.

And it definitely has this effect.

Others have used it for mood enhancement and to fight depression, and recent medical studies have demonstrated that it does have anti-depressant effects.

It also reduces insulin levels in the body, protects the liver from alcohol and according to some preliminary studies, may have anticancer properties.

Human studies using this fungi are lacking, which is no surprise, because you can't patent mother nature.

That being said there are millions of human Guinea Pigs who have been using this stuff for years you can learn from, and that would include myself.

Here's how I made contact.

I have a friend who's an outright genius, and I don't use this word lightly like most people do.

So when I say genius, I really mean it.

He's an author and you can find his stuff all over amazon.com and I've always been amazed at his massive production output.

Churning out 3000 words of extremely high quality content in a 24 hour period is a walk in the park for this guy….

And for a man like me who also spends his days writing, this is an extremely impressive number because a good day for me is only about 1000 words.

And it hurts to get this done.

About three years ago he handed me his latest book. I took it out of his hands and said, I haven't even finished the last one you gave me, how the hell do you write so fast?

And he replied with, I take Cordyceps and it helps with recall, creativity and speed and I couldn't do what I do without it.

My bottle arrived the next day, because I paid the bucks for overnight shipping, and I've been using Cordyceps ever since.

Here's what I've learned so far…

If you want to use this supplements as an aphrodisiac, you have to cycle it, there's no getting around this.

But it's a fun supplement to take because it stacks up beautifully with other herbs that boost libido.

I could write 10 paragraphs on this topic alone, but I'll just cut to the chase…

When you use Cordyceps, stack it with goat weed. You'll be glad you did.

But, if you're more interested in the mental side of this supplement, I have some good news for you…

You can take it every day.

And when that day falls on the date where you take your rhodiola rosea, you're going to see just how well this fungus stacks up with other supplements.

Before you rush out and buy this I want to say something, especially to the newer guys who've just joined my email list….

This supplement alone will not fix you.

There are several other things you must do before you join in on the fun.

So take care of this business first, then add Cordyceps only when you're ready for it.

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