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The Cons of Growth Hormones!

A Warning to Those Injecting HGH

cons of growth hormones

The Cons of Growth Hormones!
A Warning to Those Injecting HGH

Take a look at the arms of Madonna or Sylvester Stallone sometime.

See those freakishly huge veins bulging out everywhere?

You can thank human growth hormone that.

Sly was recently busted in Sydney Australia, with 48 vials of the stuff, spread out between his hotel room, limousine and private jet.

But unsightly blood vessels are the least of your worries if you're injecting HGH into your glutes every morning.

Here's one for starters...

How about severely elevated blood pressure brought on by excess fluid retention.

Or joint pain, bone growth in the face, heart arrhythmias, diabetes, or a damaged pituitary gland.

Not exactly a walk in the park, is it?

I know exactly why people use HGH...

They're looking to slim down, bulk up, knock a few years off the biological clock.

Unfortunately, things rarely work out that way.

Instead of achieving that dream body, many wind up with a severely broken one.

A broken body, and an empty back account, because injectable HGH is very expensive stuff!

But here's the real kicker...

The slim body, the improved muscularity, and youthful look are all easily attainable, without the injections!

Read on to discover how...

The Cons of Growth Hormones!
A Warning to Those Injecting HGH

The key to unlocking this door can be found in the hormones circulating throughout your system.

The delicate dance taking place between testosterone, estrogen, human growth hormone, cortisol and all the others.


The day you take a holistic, whole body approach to your hormones, is the day you'll see a door swing wide open.

A door leading to improved muscularity, without spending hours slamming weights at the gym.

Loss of excess body fat that does not require 10 mile runs in the early am hours, every day of the week.

And youthfulness, energy, and a positive outlook on life that comes on automatically, once hormonal balance is achieved, the right way.

The bottom line?

Injecting one individual isolated hormone into your system, in high volume, will work...but only temporarily.

Once you come down from that artificial high, you'll discover first hand, how brutally low the low's can actually be.

The best option, actually the only real option, is to create hormonal balance, naturally.

Here's how...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters

Avoid Hormone Disrupting Chemical Agents

Practice Edging-Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Cons of Growth Hormones to
Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

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