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Confidence, Energy, & Sex Drive Without a Prescription

by Anonymous

Confidence, Energy, & Sex Drive Without a Prescription!

Hi, Mark,

Thanks for your blog!

I wanted to ask you about what you wrote:

"You'll find that once you get your body back into balance, bring your weight down to the optimal range, get your estrogen under control and place SHBG and aromatase levels firmly in check...your testosterone levels will begin to climb, automatically.

Once this happens, you can begin to take days off, and use your testosterone boosters only when you have an off day hormonally."

If I'm understanding you right, you are saying that one should cycle supplements over the course of 7 to 10 days until they get their T back up to optimal levels.

Then, the body will still start producing roughly the same amount of T on its own again and you can wean yourself off supplements except for when you really need them.

Is that right?

If so, I'm curious how long this initial cycle lasts before the body starts to take over production again.

Or am I mistaken and these supplements need to be taken indefinitely or else T will fall when you stop?

Thanks again!

Confidence, Energy, & Sex Drive Without a Prescription

Hello Anonymous,

I wish it were that easy, but sadly, it's not.

Think about it...

If a short cycle of herbal testosterone supplements could fix any low T man up permanently...we'd all be cruising easy street right now.

Lethargy, low libido, soft muscles, and weak erections would all be distant nightmares.

Confidence, energy, optimism, and strong sex drive would be the normal state of affairs.

But the harsh reality is....the good stuff does not come on that easily!

Especially in the modern world we live in...were lethal T-killers are hiding around every corner.

Killers like pollution, pesticides, and plastics.

A world where bleached white flour, high fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated soybean oil are actually called food.

Where obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease run rampant.

Where drugs, medications, and artificial hormones are handed out to men like candy.

Where maintaining your manhood is almost entirely impossible, UNLESS...

You have a game plan!

A game plan that guides you every day of the week, without fail.

A plan you follow daily to avoid...the chemical onslaught...the garbage they have the audacity to call food... and doctor mans prescription pad.

Sorry sir, but I'd rather NOT take that drug for the rest of my natural life.

A plan to build up muscle, drop body fat, and keep estrogen levels firmly in check.

A system in place to work your testicles, jack up your testosterone, and maximize your sex drive.

Confidence, Energy, & Sex Drive Without a Prescription

Yup, it takes a lot more than a short cycle of supplements to get it done in our modern world.

But that's OK with me!

OK, because anything important in life is worth fighting for....and I place my manhood right there at the top of my list of fighting material.

How about you?


In answer to your question...

I've been on this supplement cycling system for more than 10 years now, and I don't see myself going off it anytime soon.

That being said, I no longer need to supplement daily, now that I'm firing on all cylinders.

Now, I only pull them out when I have an off day hormonally.

On days when I need more sex drive, more motivation, confidence, and energy.

For me that means 2 or 3 times a week, at the most.

Any other man using these supplements should be shooting for those same numbers.

Thanks for your question!

Confidence Energy & Sex Drive Without a Prescription
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