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Coffee & Sex Drive! Caffeine Side Effects!

by Tim
(Detroit, MI)

Hi Mark,

I need more advice so here I am again.

I was wondering, since I have been taking Passion Rx with yohimbe, can I take it with coffee?

I need my caffeine every a.m, but I don't want to have it reduce the effectiveness of the Passion Rx.

Thanks again.

Hello Tim,

I look at coffee & caffeine a lot like I do alcohol.

Some can handle it really well, while others should probably never touch the stuff

If you can combine coffee and Rx, and not get irritable, aggressive, overly impatient, or hostile, I say go for it.

As always, the pay attention to your body-mind rule applies.

As for me, I can't combine the two.

I made the mistake of chasing 2 caps of Passion Rx with a very strong green tea several months ago.

By about noon, I was a ticking time bomb, ready to go off.

It took a solid two days for my wife to begin speaking to me again.

The litmus test for me has always been driving in my car.

This applies to caffeine, as well as Testosterone Boosters.

Pay attention to your behavior to discover if you've overdone it on either count.

If you find yourself swearing up and down at every driver that enters your zone, you know you've got a problem.


There's a fine line between aggression and assertiveness, impatience and motivation.

When the scales tip, and things start to get negative, back off.

Once you've perfected your system, you'll discover the perfect balance between your morning coffee and your Testosterone Supplements.

You're ultimate goal is a healthy, strong sex drive, supreme confidence, and high levels of energy and motivation.

If you can attain all that, without the physical and mental crash that some experience on caffeine, you're good to go..

If not, it may be detox time.

Good luck!

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Coffee & sex drive Caffeine side effects! to
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