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Calorie Reduction Techniques! No Pain or Willpower Required

by Josh

Calorie Reduction Techniques!
No Pain or Willpower Required

Hello Mark,

Is losing fat and gaining muscle like a bank account, in that:

To spend (lose fat): eat less

To profit/store (gain muscle): eat more

I am reading about your paleo diet and I do not see how one can burn fat, even for 10 minutes with such a huge amount of food.

I do not even eat that much on weekdays because of work.

I work in a VERY hot environment with lots of lifting and moving around the warehouse.

Also, how can I really consume that much protein when there is only so much the human body can absorb.

Again, I do not get that much because of work.

Is that the purpose of losing fat: be on a calorie-deficit?

I would appreciate your answer:

Hello Josh,

I don't give out specific meal plans or calorie recommendations on the site, so I'm not sure where these comments are coming from...

  • I do not even eat that much on weekdays

  • How can I really consume that much protein
I don't recommend excessive consumption of food, and I don't recommend excessive consumption of protein either.

I recommend a paleo diet...

A diet that regulates hunger, naturally and effortlessly.

For example...

At 12 noon I had my first meal of the day.

It consisted of a smoothie, made with 4 raw egg yolks, a scoop of cacao powder, unsweetened almond milk, and a bit of stevia.

I followed this up with 6 ounces of left over rib eye steak, and 2 small tangerines.

I'm writing this response to you at 4:02 PM, and I still haven't eaten dinner, despite the fact that I ran 8 hard hill sprints late this afternoon.

The reason I haven't eaten anything is because I simply haven't thought about it.

In other words, I have not been hungry in the slightest since I had that meal 4 hours ago.

That's the magic of the paleo diet.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, this would NEVER happen to me...I rarely go more than 2 hours without putting food into my mouth.

Well, guess what?

That's the way I used to be too.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I had used to have a reputation for..

Hitting an Italian place for a massive plate of pasta, then walking in the front door at home, and heading straight to the kitchen for the bag of chips.

It used to drive my wife absolutely crazy!

But, this never happens to me now, as long as I limit industrial carbs,


Focus on whole, unprocessed, paleo foods....with some raw, whole milk products thrown in for good measure.

The key to all of this is blood sugar control and insulin regulation.

Get these two items in the bag, and you'll never have to worry about your weight or out of control hunger again.

Regarding your question about fat loss...

Yes, you do need to create a calorie deficit to lose body fat, there's no getting around this fact.


The paleo diet takes care of this problem, automatically, as I explained in detail just above.

Thanks for your questions!

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to Boost Low Testosterone-Home

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