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Brain Hormones! Testosterone & The Mind!

by Roger

Brain Hormones! Testosterone & The Mind!

Hello Mark,

I've had a bad run in the brain department.

I've always been a quick witted, and sharp guy, but I feel like I am loosing it.

Just writing out this message is work, because the words don't come to me anymore like they used to.

It's not like I'm going senile or anything, I've just lost the punch and sharpness I used to have, and I miss it badly.

Does a boost in testosterone help in this regard?

I know my T is down due to various sexual problems I'm having, so I think there may be a link.

Thanks for your help!

Brain Hormones! Testosterone & The Mind!

Hi Roger,

Yes, there definitely is a link between low T, and declining mental function.

According to Harvard Mens Health Watch, higher testosterone levels in midlife have been linked to preservation of brain tissue.

Studies have shown that men with high T levels perform much better on cognitive tests, compared to those with low testosterone levels.

Conversely, men with prostate cancer, who undergo therapies to reduce testosterone to slow the spread of the disease, suffer the opposite effect.

They perform poorly on the cognitive tests.

According to investigators at the National Institute on Aging, older men with higher levels of free, or unbound testosterone, have better visual and verbal recall, and perform better on spatial tasks.

Susan Resnick, Ph.D, an investigator in the NIA's Laboratory of Personality and Cognition, had this to say...

This finding suggests that there may be hormonal modulation of cognitive abilities as people get older.

Clearly, having higher levels of circulating free testosterone is associated with a reduced risk of certain types of memory loss

In another study, Dr. Resnick, Scott Moffat, Ph.D., and colleagues evaluated the testosterone levels of 407 men, ages 50 and older, who participated in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.

According to Resnick...

"Based on our results, testosterone levels are associated with selective and very specific effects on some aspects of cognition, including memory,”

Brain Hormones! Testosterone & The Mind!

I could go on and on here, but I think you get the point.

When your T levels decline, your mind, your memory, your wit, your sense of humor, and your personality all decline as well.

You go flatline in the personality department, you get boring, humorless, listless, and I hate to say this, but stupid.

We probably talk too much about the physical side on this site...

The low sex drive, loss of erections, increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, testicular atrophy, etc, etc....

And not enough about the mental side.

When I discuss loss of zest for life, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Losing the sex drive is a bummer for sure, but losing your entire personality, is much worse.

So, when you stop telling jokes, lose your wit, your mental sharpness, your memory, and your sense of humor, you know what you need to do.

You need to get your testosterone levels back up into the upper range, and keep them there, permanently.

Thanks for your question!

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