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BPA Erectile & Dysfunction!

Hi Mark,

I have the desire but I can't even masturbate.  My plumbing is not cooperating.

Yesterday I realized the problem.

I've been working as a cashier for the past 2 years, and I handle receipts every day. 

It was clear to me what you said about Bisphenol A.  Apparently this chemical has done a number on my erections.

I read that the effects can be reversed with probiotics. Can you recommend something?

Thank you,


Answer continues below...

Hello LB,


It looks like you may have discovered the cause of your problem.

Cash register receipts can contain up to 1000 times more BPA than the amount found in a canned good.

So your regular handling of these receipts is clearly the smoking gun here.

Remember, Chinese workers who manufacture this stuff are four times more likely to suffer ED.

And they're seven times more likely to have difficulty ejaculating.

So this fits perfectly with the problems you've been dealing with.

The fools who manufacture this chemical argue that BPA is safe in the amounts most people are exposed to.

But tell that to the mother of a baby boy who was born with a deformed penis.

They've removed BPA out of plastic baby bottles for a damn good reason.

This stuff is toxic.  Especially to the genitals.

Priority number one for you is to get this chemical out of your blood stream.

This means figuring out a way to avoid contact with those BPA coated cash register receipts. 

Wear gloves. Switch departments. Or even quit your job if you have to.

This move alone will accomplish a lot, because BPA is metabolized quickly by the body.

So once you reduce your exposure, your levels will rapidly begin to decline.

But you're still going to need to be patient….  

Because studies done on mice have found that even short term exposure of 1 to 3 weeks can have long lasting effects.

So don't expect results overnight.

And don't think that just avoiding cash receipts is enough.

Recently scientists took 80 preschoolers in two states and tested their urine for BPA.

And they found the chemical in all 80 of these young kids urine samples.

Frightening, to say the least.

You'll find more suggestions on how you can avoid this chemical Here.

Regarding your probiotics question, any product that contains Bifidobacterium Breve will do the trick…

This bacteria binds and removes BPA from your digestive system quite effectively.

Here's the brand I use.

Good luck!


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