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Boost Testosterone on a Low Budget

by Joe

Cycling Tongkat Ali Tribulus Terrestris & Catuaba Bark

Hi, I just ordered 3 Testosterone supplements, Catuaba Bark, Tribulus, and Tongkat ali to boost T and 1 supplement to control Estrogen, Chrysin.

My question is how should I take these?

I was thinking of cycling the 3 T boosters on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and taking the Chrysin on Sunday. Sound good, or do you suggest something better?

Thank You

Cycling Tongkat Ali Tribulus Terrestris & Catuaba Bark

Hi Joe,

The cycle you've outlined for your testosterone boosters is perferct. Take them every other day, with a week off between doses.

The chrysin can be a bit more complicated.

You want to keep your Estrogen in the optimal range, without resorting to constant blood testing, which would be expenisve and time consuming.

Fortunately, we've got it easier than the guys using testosterone injections, creams, patches, or gels.

Our hormonal swings are much less dramatic, so conversion from testosterone to estrogen will happen at a lower rate.

This makes estrogen much easier to control.

You just need to pay attention to your body, and make the necessary adjustments, depending on how you feel.

That being said, I still recommend that you get blood work done once a year, just to make sure all is well in the hormonal department.

Here's the system I follow, which has been working well for me.


You need to pay attention to the following two things...

Your nipples


Your urine stream at night.

If your nipples become inflamed, sensitive, itchy, or sore, your estrogen levels are elevated.

Take the chrysin to bring them back down to normal.

If you wake up at night to urinate, and it takes more than 5 seconds or so to get the urine stream started, that's another signal that estrogen levels are too high.

Take the chrysin to bring them back down.

Finally, on days when the Testosterone Boosters kick in strong, take it again.

Catuaba bark and tongkat ali are both capable of elevating testosterone levels high enough to warrant the use of chrysin.

Keep in mind that you do need some estrogen in your blood stream.

If levels get too low, it will kill your sex drive.

Use to estrogen blockers to keep the E in check, but don't overdo it.


3 testosterone boosters is a good start, but to really get the most out of these supplements, you need to work your way up to at least 7.

That way, you'll have a supplement to take every day of the week.

Good luck!

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