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Fenugreek Testosterone!

Side Effects & Benefits of Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Testosterone!
Side Effects & Benefits of Fenugreek Extract

If you were to take 30 young men and give half of them a sugar pill, and the other half a high quality fenugreek extract, what do you think would happen?

I can answer that question for you, because a study has already been done, and I have the details sitting right here in front of me..

Quality trials like this are very rare when it comes to natural testosterone boosters, so I pay close attention when I come across one.

And this trial did not disappoint!

During the study period, total circulating testosterone levels increased by more than 6 percent in those taking the fenugreek.

Not a massive number, but definitely significant.

But, free testosterone levels increased by more than 12 percent, or almost twice as much as the total testosterone number did.

The 15 men taking the placebo experienced no increase in testosterone levels whatsoever.

The authors concluded that the increase came about because fenugreek inhibited the action of aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

They also suggested that 5-alpha reductase activity, or the conversion of testosterone into DHT, was reduced as well.

Not bad for an over the counter supplement that will set you back all of about 10 bucks.

Fenugreek Testosterone!
Side Effects & Benefits of Fenugreek Extract

When I read a study like this, I'm always left wondering what would have happened if the subjects had cycled numerous supplements, instead of just one.

Even better, what if they would have added another T boosting method into the mix...say, ejaculation control or orgasm edging?

We can dream right?

In other words, take this potent dose of fenugreek tonight....then told go home and edge right to the brink of orgasm, but no matter what you do, do not ejaculate!

This minor addition would surely take that 12 percent testosterone spike discussed above, and knock it up to 20 percent or more, don't you think?

I certainly do!

Of course, if I was running the study, I wouldn't stop there...

On day 2 we'd pull out the heavy artillery, and start handing out fist fulls of the hormonal monster, Tongkat Ali.

If these men thought yesterday was exciting, they've got a big surprise in store today...

Surprise as in more sex drive, radically increased sperm production, and an almost irresistible urge to ejaculate.

But it's not ejaculation time yet boys, because we're just getting warmed up here.

On day 3, we're going to keep building on this sexual momentum....

Yup, today is Trubulus Terrestris day, and here's a nice big juicy dose for you...

And just like days 1 and 2, we're going to take this supplement once, then move on to another, before tolerance has any chance of setting in.

And on day 4?

Still no ejaculation, and here's a supply of the erection monster, catuaba bark for you.

And while you're at it, why don't you chase that catuaba with another edging session tonight.

But get ready, because tomorrow, we're going to give you an herb you've probably never heard about before...

It's called Mucuna Pruriens, and this supplement is going to fire up your pituitary gland to produce even more hormones, deliver even more sex drive.

I could continue all the way through to day 7, but I'm sure you get the point by now.

A single supplement, taken day in and day out, will only get you so far.

But 7 supplements, cycled on a daily basis

, combined with a little ejaculation control, will send your hormones up into the stratosphere.

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