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Benadryl Side Effects!

Erectile Dysfunction! Low Sex Drive!


Benadryl Side Effects!
Erectile Dysfunction! Low Sex Drive!

There's a whole slew of problems that come along with this drug, but I'm going to talk about just a few of them here.

Side effects that prevent you from achieving and maintaining an erection.

Effects that will kill your libido and your sex drive.

According to Web MD, erectile dysfunction is one of the side effects of Benadryl.

Others include urinary retention, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness (sorry girls), and decreased libido.

My experience has shown that all the above is true, especially if the drug is taken several days in a row.

I've gotten the same feedback from several of my ezine subscribers, so I'm not alone here.

Benadryl Side Effects!

If you're suffering from ED or low sex drive, the first thing you need to do is get off the drug.

We'll talk about alternatives further down the page....

You should also look into an Erectile Dysfunction Ring, which will vastly improve your ability to achieve and maintain a powerful erection.

Most of the regulars on this site own and use one of these devices.

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You should also look into OTC Testosterone Boosting Supplements.

These will help you increase your sex drive, affordably, and naturally.

Benadryl Side Effects!

I'm going to give my opinion as to why benadryl causes these problems, then I'll give you a few alternatives to this drug that work great.

Benadryl is an anticholinergic.

An anticholinergic agent is a substance that blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the central nervous system.

Blocking this substance is not good for your erections, or for your sex drive.

According to the International Journal of Impotence Research, low acetylcholine levels are associated with decreased libido, and low sex drive in men.


When you have a sexual thought, acetylcholine sends impulses down the spinal chord to the nerves in your penis.

These impulses trigger the release of Nitric Oxide which is the agent that allows you to achieve and maintain a firm erection.

When you block acetylcholine, you disrupt this process.

Benadryl Alternatives!

Nettle Leaf

The histamines in stinging nettle attach to histamine receptor sites in your cells and keep your body’s histamines from attaching to those cells during an allergic reaction.

Nettle’s action is very similar to that of pharmaceutical antihistamine drugs.

Keep in mind, we're talking about nettle leaf, not root. Nettle root helps with enlarged prostate, and elevated estrogen.

Nettle leaf is what you want to use for allergies and hayfever.


Methionine is an amino acid that lowers blood levels of histamine by increasing histamine breakdown in your system.

I've found this substance to be very effective at reducing allergy symptoms, but it does have a down side.

It's so effective at reducing histamine that it can have an effect on your libido.


Because very low histamine levels decrease sex drive in men and women.

Use it in moderation only when you're experiencing a strong allergic reaction.

Benadryl Side Effects!


Consider going on a Paleo Diet.

Many allergic reactions are fueled by underlying food allergies.

Some of the most common offenders are wheat, corn, soy, and pasteurized milk.

When I went paleo my allergies to cat dander, my hayfever symptoms, and my GERD all almost completely disappeared.

It turns out, after re-introducing several non paleo foods into my diet, one at a time, that I have severe allergies to wheat gluten, soy, and pasteurized dairy.

The paleo diet has taken care of that!

I no longer eat those foods, and as a result, my allergy symptoms are a thing of the past.

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