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Afternoon or Morning Testosterone Test!

by Ryan
(S. Florida)

Just wanted to tell you my story. For a while now I have had problems being a very very slow riser. While I wake up with an erection and can achieve one through masturbation (internet porn), my problem was always mental, or stage fright.

I have to much anxiety. Therefor getting intimate is a problem for me.

I went for my yearly check up (after not going for a few years) and the blood test showed I had very low T levels, as in not even within the normal range.

So low in fact that my doctor asked if I could even achieve an erection at all and recommended I see an endocrinologist soon.

The first thing the Endo noticed was that I took the test late in the afternoon (2:43pm) and suggested I retest at 8am if possible.

However, I waited 2 months to retest. I immediately went to the library and went online and read up on how to raise my testosterone levels naturally, and what could possibly be causing the problem.

Here is what I learned...

I started taking Zinc supplements everyday. Started to eat pumpkin seeds everyday. Hired a personal trainer who specializes in Core Body Training.

I also worked out on my own. I trained harder in those 2 months then in my whole 33 years!

After two months of this I retested at 8:16am. Both my Free and Total T levels raised to low-normal.

They were within range but still on the low end. This was an improvement and I was pleased! However, I really want to raise it a lot more!

I finally have a beautiful and supportive girlfriend and I told her my issue with the stage fright / anxiety.

I am able to engage in sexual activity but more often then not things go bad and I either can't get an erection fast enough or once I have it I lose it too quickly.

I feel that with higher or more normal T levels I would be that much more aggressive with sex.

The so called "Urge and Desire" is only kind of there right now. It could be stress from work, could be too much sugar and it could be lack of sleep.

I am not sure if the first test was a fluke, and testing late in the afternoon is not a good idea. What I do know is that I am constantly trying to better myself and trying to raise my T levels.

I appreciate your advice, I realize there is no question here... but wanted to share with you.


Hello Ryan,

Excellent post!

Thanks for sharing your story here, I appreciate it!

I can tell you're headed down the right path.

After reading your take, it's obvious to me that you're not afraid to think for yourself.

That's a good thing!

But more importantly, once you're done thinking, you get up and get busy.

Unfortunately, most men forget about the busy part.

Keep up the diet and exercise, optimize your supplement regime, and it will definitely happen for you.

Keep in touch, and let us know how it goes!


Afternoon or Morning Testosterone Test to
Boost Your Low Testosterone-Home

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