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Adams Apples!
Big Adams Apple & Testosterone!

by Adam

Adams Apples! Big Adams Apple & Testosterone!

I have a very small adam's apple, as a matter of fact, I barely have one at all.

Does this mean that I have, or have had, low Testosterone Levels?

Thanks for the excellent site!

Adams Apples! Big Adams Apple & Testosterone!

Hello Adam?

I'm pretty sure that's not your real name, but what the heck, we'll go ahead and roll with it anyway.

The adams apple is simply a protrusion of the larynx/thyroid cartilage that develops during puberty.

Development of the adam's apple is considered a secondary sex characteristic, and in males, development is largely driven by testosterone.

As a man enters puberty, testosterone fuels the growth of the Testicles, penis, muscles, bones, body hair, skull, and larynx.

This development of the larynx coincides with growth of the adam's apple.

As the larynx increases in size, the voice deepens, the apple protrudes, and that skinny little boy with the high pitched voice, all of a sudden grows up, and turns into a man.

That fact that you have a small adam's apple, probably means that you weren't swimming in Testosterone as you entered puberty.

Take a look at the following...

The traits listed below are all fueled by elevated levels of testosterone during development.
  • Large Hands

  • Wide shoulders

  • Overall Muscularity

  • Body/Facial Hair

  • Large Adams Apple

  • Prominent Brow Bone

  • Square Jaw Line
You can also get a snapshot of your pubescent testosterone exposure by taking a look at your Finger Length Ratio.

If your ring finger is longer than your pointer, chances are good you were exposed to plenty of testosterone during puberty.


My advice to you is, don't be too worried about your small adam's apple.

I've got a decent sized one, but even if I didn't, I wouldn't sweat it.

The world at large is going to notice your overall physical condition, your muscularity, and your self confidence first and foremost.

Not your adam's apple!

Good luck!

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Big Adams Apple & Testosterone!

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Mar 18, 2014
Small Adams Apple
by: Anonymous

Thanks, interesting read.

I too am an adult man who has always had a very small, nearly invisible, Adams Apple. However, except for the very small Adams Apple I have all the other physical attributes indicative of having had normal testosterone levels during puberty - broad shoulders, well muscled, large hands, body hair, etc. I did, however, notice that during puberty I never did experience any cracking or breaking of my voice. Even today as an adult my voice remains rather low pitched when compared to many other adult males, so much so that at times I've been confused with being either a women or a boy when speaking on the telephone to people who don't know me. In fact, because of this I often purposely attempt to deepen my voice when speaking to others.

However, despite having a nearly invisible Adam's Apple I've never really worried or thought much about it. In fact, I kinda like it that way, and it certainly seems to have had no affect on my social life, outside of telephone conversations with strangers that is.

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